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[Open Frequency] "Remember me..."

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::Ender is shocked awake by the gunshot as he was sleeping in a small orange and black house up the hill from the resort / pub building::

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::With his gun at the ready he sneaks over to the location the gun shot was::

::seeing the stuff on the hill he walks over with his gun raised and finds a radio::

What just happened?

::he says into the radio on the hill::

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*cahir stares into the distance as he listens closely in shock as he recognises the voice*

Oi lad fucking talk ! What the fuck! Answer me! Did you just shoot yourself on the fuckng radio?! Fuck sake.

*cahir clicks his radio off as he sits - cahir closes his eyes as he remembers how much of a prick he was*

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::transmission start::

I dont know who this guy was, but theres some clothes around here and a radio. I cant see a bodie down the cliff though,

I honestly dont know what the fuck happend

I was sleeping and then boom gunshot

::transmission end::

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