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The Eternal Night (Connor Fowler)

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'No one is safe......'

Two Days Earlier. 13th of October. 6:00pm

As I emergered from the plane with my small ruck sack, I looked around to see what had changed. It had been sixteen years since my parents had died. Sixteen long years since I, Connor Fowler had set foot in my homeland. All around I could see and hear people staring. No glaring at me this "Stranger", as I looked around I heard someone say in Chernarussian 'Fucking Foreigners, always coming to our country!' I turned to say something to the stranger but was pulled back to the sight of darkness. I slowly started to embrace the darkness for I knew what it was. Or rather who it was. I looked lifted my head from the persons shoulder to see my older sisters wide smile, green eyes and brunette hair. I smiles uncontrolably when he saw her. I lunged at her hugging her tightly, not wanting to let her go.

'You can let go I'm not going any where you know.' Shocked I looked at her and asked in an English accent 'How can you speak English so well? I was under the impression people only spoke Chernarussian here.' She smiled and took hold of my ruck sack leading him out of the dock. 'Elektrogorsk? Is that right Vlasta Němcová?' She smiled and nodded whilst looking around for something or someone. She looked angry and spoke in angry tone when she couldn't find what she was looking for 'Seru na dobro Kde jsou?!' I looked at her in shock and said with a slight Chernarussian accent 'There is no need for that kind of language!' She looked shocked. Almost as if I had done something wrong. 'Nemyslel jsem, že to pochopíš Černoruské'  I laughed when she said this and replied accordingly, 'Oh, chápu . Někdo stále odesílání mi Černoruská pásky, které mi pomohli naučit.' She smiles at me, I think she was impressed with the fact that I took an interest in my heritage. Although who wouldn't? Chernarus is a beautiful place. She looked over my shoulder, a smile started to appar spreading form one ear to the other. I looked back to see two people I never thought I'd see. It was my grandparents, I was shocked. Up until this point I only had a picture of the three people who were closest to me and now I was meeting them in person. I ran, ran as if my life depended on it. Ran straight to the old people who were smiling, both held me in their arms. I'm wondering what people think about a fully grown man hugging two old people. But they had no idea that I hadn't seen my grandparents in sixteen years. After a hug that felt like an eternity I slowly pulled away from them revealing my tears. I couldn't stop myself. My sister saw the tears and hugged me tightly comforting me, slowly she pulled me away and walked me with my grandparents back to the car, where we would go back home and catch up on the things we'd missed.

Six hours earlier. - 15th of October. 3:30pm.

"Chernarus is a beatiful place." I thought to my self. Chernarus was a beautiful place is a better phrasing. People where fighting each other. Zelenogorsk had been quarentined thirty seconds after my sister left. Thirty seconds. That was lucky. She had phoned us to tell us she had made it out of the quarentined zone. That was three and a half hours ago. Where was she. We only lived in Pustoshka. At best it was a thirty minute walk. I let out a small cry in my room as I was looking out in the distance hoping to see her. 'Where was she?'

Present Time. - 15th of October. 9:30pm

As I looked at her lieing in her bed blood, cuts and bruises all over her body I felt something come over me. It was rage. My grandparents saw my fists clench only to see seconds later blood drip from the palms of my hands. They looked at me and asked 'Are you okay? Connor?' I turned to them. The devil in my eyes. 'No one is safe....'

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