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Grinding for the whitelist

Guest EazyRider

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Guest EazyRider

Hiya to all DayZ RP'ers, especially Percy Windsor

Well, after watching friends play DayZRP on Twitch I decided it was the place for me to play too and stream it on Twitch after a year of suffering KOS and virtually no interaction on the normal servers. Hell I didn't realise you had to have a university degree in rules and folklore to get whitelisted though. So I studied up and did the Q&A session. Arrrrgggggh got 3 wrong and now I have to wait 6 hours before I can resit my exam!! OG this is all your fault for getting me hooked on DayZRP watching your exploits and adventures mate!!

Anyway it's back to the drawing board and a bit more study to pass my test. Then I can create a certain character I've been planning. I'm sure he'll be an asset in these troubled times in Chernarus. I'm looking forward to wandering the map and meeting you all.

Best wishes to all (especially Percy & Dick),


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/moved to Introductions & Farewells

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-got sunged-

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Welcome to the community. Contact a member of staff through PMs or hop on TS if you've got questions. Can save you a lot of frustration so you don't have to wait again the next go around.

And yes, we can blame a lot on Percy. :P

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welcome hope you will get good time here

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