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The Journal of - Jake Westberg

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Hello my name is Jake Westberg. I am a Journalist for CNN. I am from America

Journal entry #1 - Jake Westberg

After my long and tiring journey i have finally made my way to hopefully the place i will call "Home."



When I arrived there was a man named Peter. I have become very fond of peter. He is a caring man. I also got the Pleasure of meeting Reiner. Reiner is a very intelligent man who enjoys deep philosophical conversations about humanity, and what I think of life, which I must admit are enjoyable.  

Later that night I met Kenji Oshiro a doctor who has set up a clinic in Dolina. Smart and caring man Kenji is. While I was at his clinic, I met a male and a female. Kanen ( The male ) and Jo ( The female ) They seemed pretty close. But Jo claimed they were best friends. There was a proffessor there by the name of Johan. I didn't get to talk with him much. Its really a shame, but there's always next time. I am writing this before I sleep.They were very generous enough to give me a whole log cabin to myself. A luxury nowadays I am very thankful for. When I wake up, I hope to meet my new found friends again.


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