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ban appeal - whitelist process

Guest thebigdawg57

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Guest thebigdawg57

link to source of punishment: 

no idea what this is tbh

Why the verdict is not fair:

i understand why it is but would like another chance as i was whitelisted before

Additional statements/comments:

i was previously whitelisted and then had to re do the process and failed. i know i can pass with one more attempt. i kept failing on silly stuff that i was misreading. 

What i would like to achieve with this appeal:

one more chance to apply

What could i have done better:

Read the questions thoroughly and double checked before advancing.

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Hi thebigdawg57,

I, along with other admins, have looked over each of your five whitelist attempts you've had to this point under our new whitelist system. Whether you were previously whitelisted before is irrelevant as you've missed our grace period. Within the five attempts you've had thus far, you missed seven total questions. You were given ample opportunity to correct these mistakes and seek help from any number of sources, including contacting Community Helpers, who could have clarified any questions you may have had. In your first and third attempts, you missed the same question with the same wrong answer each time. This shows no improvement, nor does it show that you took any attempt to seek help.

We see no reason to grant a sixth chance for whitelist, and so we wish you good luck elsewhere.


Appeal denied. Account banned.

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