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[open frequency] An old mans voice


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  • Legend

Picking the bones off the boar he's just killed, Jamie washes his hands at an old pump near Tulga. He slings his courier bag off his shoulder and hangs it up on an big old oak tree. He puts the steaks into small plastic bags and piles them up. He reaches into his pocket, about to contact Mary on his whereabouts, but flicking through the frequencies, he recognizes an old friend. 

Percy? Mr Percival Windsor? Is that actually you, old man? Fucking hell, I thought your hip deprived you! It's great to hear you again. It's Jacamo by the way, not sure if you ever found batteries for them hearing aids of yours.

He chuckles and slings his bag off the tree onto the ground, putting the plastic bags carefully in.

You're going back home? It's been a while since i've been there. I visited DeMarcus' grave there a while ago, but never had any other reason to go up there since. I'll try my best to make it back there when I can, i'm down south near some old village. 

He looks around and admires the old houses, slinging his crossbow over his left shoulder.

It's great to hear from you again old friend. We'll meet again soon.

He turns off the radio, and starts moving into the woods. 

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  • Emerald

*Anton listens closely as he attempts to recognise the voice of the broadcaster, suddenly he slams his fist down on the table and jumps up, radio in hand.*

"Ah ha! I knew it was you!, Mr Percy I think I owe you a can of peaches don't I?"

*He chuckles for a moment then shortly afterwards you can hear him talking in the background.*

"ahhhhhh you old bag you, I did not hear your voice in many weeks. My brother and I thought the apples had got the better of you hehehe....isn't that right Mik?."

*There is an awkward silence as Anton leaves the radio transmitting.*

"heh....he is errr sleeping, yeh you know how he is....always working, always tired....well I think we should have a good chat just like old times eh?...have good night err old friend."

*He sets the radio down and collapses back into his chair to continue staring blankly at the wall for the remainder of the night.*

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  • MVP

*Jo is sitting around the campfire up on the hill across from polana factory. She puts her arm around Kanen as he falls asleep on her shoulder and stares down onto polana factory remembering all the memories she had there. She picks up her radio and flicks through frequencies trying to get a hold of the wolves when she hears a very familiar voice. She presses down the button*

Percy? Y...You're alive? It's Jo, Jo Cooper. Remember me? I hope you've been well. We should try to meet up sometime and catch up with everything that's been happening. I haven't seen you in forever... I've been up north for a few weeks trying to clear my head from everything that happened at olsha. I am trying to get in contact with old friends. Anyways, please stay safe. Hope to see you soon.

*she smiles as she releases the button knowing percy was alive and well, hoping that all her other old friends would be too. She pulls kanen closer to her, takes another glance at polana factory before closing her eyes and enjoying the silence up on the hill*

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  • Sapphire

*While getting ready, Tucker Haas hears the old man speaking over his radio, which is resting next to his cigarette case. He walks over to the case, and opens it, pulling out a smoke as he continues to listen. Haas tries to place the voice for a moment, until he hears people start to respond. Haas lights his cigarette. takes a few drags, and decides to comment. He depresses the PTT and speaks.*

"Dear god... Percival Winsor... I know for sure you won't remember me, but I do remember you... You know I actually just thought of you only a few days back. That time in Dolina when..."

*Haas takes another drag and continues to speak*

"Well I'm sure you remember what happened. I was with the people who cashed your get out of jail free card eh? I... I think we also gave you and some friends of yours a ride a few days after that... the ambassador and I... God damn how long ago was that?"

*Haas takes a few more drags and tosses the cigarette to the floor and stamps it out.*

"Cheers... I got important business to attend to. Keep alive, but I'm sure I don't have to remind you."

*Haas releases the PTT, sighs, and finishes getting ready for the important task at hand.*

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