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Killing of a compliant hostage Appeal.


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):  http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Execution-of-compliant-hostage

Why the verdict is not fair: There was no reason for us to know that this man was dead outside, realistically we would not go outside and check if he was there? I feel that what I did was justified and correct, if not, sorry about that. "Bandits have a duty of care to their victim(s) unless execution is justified and role-played" The execution was justified, we screamed at the man outside to close the doors, multiple times before I gave him a timer. There was no way for any of us to know he was dead. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I do understand what you guys feel is RDM but I feel like what I did was perfectly fine because we could not tell if the man outside was dead or not, he could've just been trying to stall us. we already had high tensions with this group for robbing us the other day and I executed this man because the man outside did not follow my demands, I know he was dead but at the time there was no way for us to check if the man outside was dead or not, and we were not sure how many of them there were.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Take away ban and take away ban points.

What could you have done better?: waited longer and checked if the guy outside was dead, not be so quick to execute a hostage.

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We have read the report. The verdict is very well explained and justified.

You killed the hostage because someone who was already dead did not meet your demands. You stated that you gave a 5 second timer. You think that executions rights were given, when execution-rights are only justified when you have an IC grudge against someone, which is always based on IC history.

Your hostage was fully compliant and you had no right to kill him. He was no threat to you and at no point you gained KoS rights on him, which would justify the killing.

A 5 second demand is also invalid - You knew about the possibilty that Mikael was wounded or dead, as there was the shooting before. You need to give more time due to lag and reaction time of the game.

You missed the opportunity for a great roleplay session:

- You could have tried to check if someone is still outside, even it was dangerous (Maybe send the hostage outside to check)

- You could have tried to negotiate and find out that no one is around anymore

Always prioritize role play over rule play.

Many things you could have done - but you killed your complaint, non threatening hostage.

Appeal denied.

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