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3-Day Ban | More than 2 Suicides


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  • Sapphire

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I find that the fact we were banned for information that was not available to us is not fair. How can we be held accountable for a rule that is not listed? There is one line dedicated to "No Value For Life" that I will cite:


This is the only time I could find throughout the rules section where this issue is even addressed. In my and Harvey's verdict, AndreyQ states:


I could not find this anywhere in the rules. Perhaps this was stated elsewhere, but it is not something I was required to memorize to become whitelisted nor something I've been told -ever- in my few months of playing in this community. The statement on my verdict seems to contradict the rule I listed first, and this is reason for confusion between me and my comrade. It seems very unfair in our eyes to be banned for three days for something we see all the time. It has never been mentioned before, to me, as a violation of the rules to off yourself to get a different spawn location as it has been done all the time, especially in this community.

 I'm a social person, and I find more people in Elektrozavodsk than any other coast town which is why I was aiming for that spawn. From there, if I find nobody, I simply gather what I need to survive a run to Mogilevka where I usually meet up with my friends. If approached in one of these coast towns that were not a desirable spawn, my character would play an extremely depressed character looking for the sweet release of death in terms of where he was and why he's in a world as cruel as this, which would give the excuse for a realistic suicide. It's not illogical, by any OOC means, and I would not be avoiding roleplay if approached. The suicides I performed, as well as HarveyGreen's, were completely alone. I would look around for a few moments and exit the city limits to make sure there would not be a random body in the middle of the road.

Harvey and I did not know that it was against the rules to commit suicide in order to get a better spawn, even if it affected nobody's roleplay experience. 

200x200http://puu.sh/lbVY9/530f958bd0.jpg[/img] This was the exact amount of players on when we started trying to kill ourselves to Elektrozavodsk. Mikael (myself) and Daniel (HarveyGreen) are two of those six players. Three of them (Kozlov, Kyle, and Bennie) had to be in Stary Sobor at the time because it was not long after they killed us at the chapel. I do not know who Donald Daniels is, but you could probably ask him where he was last night and it may or may not be likely that he was anywhere near the coast, where we committed our suicides. We could not have effected anybody's DayZRP experience when we killed ourselves.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

 Im not sure if it is plausible but I'd like this appeal to go to my friend HarveyGreen as well. We are both in trouble for the same thing, under the same circumstances, and committed suicide for the same reasons.

People will commit suicide all the time on the outskirts of cities in attempts to get themselves to a better place for roleplay. It literally happens all the time, and I realize that this may not excuse my mistake but perhaps the logs should be checked more frequently for violators of this rule. Further, I must make a very important suggestion: please list a rule somewhere that indicates that a person is only allowed to kill themselves twice, even if it does not affect someone's roleplay, if that is the true case.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to have Harvey and I unbanned for this weekend so I can get back to roleplaying on this incredible community. No bootlicking intended.

What could you have done better?:

I could have perhaps asked a staff member to clarify on suiciding to get a better spawn.

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Hello The Catalyst,

You say that the rules don't talk about killing yourself for a better spawn. The explained that we allow people to kill themselves twice before it becomes a rulebreak. These two opportunities are in case someone needs to change their character model etc.

Killing yourself for a better spawn is never allowed.

This is what the rules say:




You say that you were killing yourself in an attempt to get a spawn in Elektrozavodsk so you can find people to RP with. If you had spent the time you took killing yourself actually re-gearing and looking for people to RP with, you would have found people to RP with.

You admit that you were killing yourself for a better spawn. This is focusing on an out of character gain and by doing it, you have no value for your characters life.

I hope I clarified this for you regarding the rules.

The original verdict was justified.

Appeal Denied. No Action Taken.

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