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State of the world?


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  • Legend

Read more about the world in the lastest recieved broadcasts:


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  • Emerald

As Spartan stated the Broadcast is the only intel there is on the "Outside" I think that the Exile Lore will get us some more intel.

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  • Legend

Wouldn't the DayZ and Exhile lore be separate? (Maybe similar but separate)

They are indeed using the same lore. Esseker will be linked to Chernarus.

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  • Legend

Now that I think about that it kinda makes sense.. Why make two separate lore pages for basically the same scenario.

The Arma 3 Exile will have another lore page, but it will be linked and follow the same trend. So get a real understanding of the environment and such for the Esseker map.

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  • Legend

Currently being worked on. You'll see soontm.png.

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  • Sapphire

In short: The outside world is mostly fucked. :)

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