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Arma 2 DayzRP servers


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  • Emerald

The DayZRP Arma 2 servers do not exist anymore. As of right now we only run on the standalone, but soon we will have an ExileRP server for Arma 3.

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  • Sapphire

Yeah all of the Arma II servers were closed down so the focus could be switched to Standalone and due to the inactivity on the mod.

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  • Sapphire

DayZRP no longer has any Arma2 DayZ servers. The community was originally only DayZ Mod; however, last year they made the switch to Standalone when Mod started losing population. Earlier this year they brought Arma2 back for a while, but unfortunately after a few weeks it lost it's population again and was closed.  

[align=left]However, we are working on an Arma3 ExileRP server which may interest you.

With that I will mark this as /solved

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