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Green Cross - Mastering Survival and Lifesaving Techniques
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*Cough* Hel.. Hello??!

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*You hear a ton of static with a few words intermixed in between*

Uhh.... Is... Thing... On?

MMmph....*Cough*.. Lonely!!! .... Find .. bad... people!  .... *Cough* .. Pustoshk....   Meet me!...

*The Radio goes silent. Cecil stares at the blasted thing wondering if it even worked.*

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  • Sapphire

-Sammy Boy Picks up his Radio and holds the button down.-

"Hey Brother, you remember me? It's old Sambo."

"Those people I left you with treat you alright?"

"If they hurt you in anyway, i'll hunt'em down and kill 'em."

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..My goodness Shamoo! Yes... yes... the old buggers were fine lads... *Cough* heh heehh I hope you find that traitor and eehhh.. execute him!! heh heh!!

There..ahh.. was this one boy... Kevin... yes.... he was talking shamefully about Stalin... I put up my fists to fight him... and won if you'd beelive it! HEh heh heeehh *Cough Gag* Its .. always a pleasure .. to hear.. your ..voice... Shamoo... where...mm where do you live?

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