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"The Zagoria Lullaby" (105.5 FM) [Open Frequency]

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*Mick picks up a chair, laying on its side and sets it against the table in which his belongings are sprawled upon. Grabbing a number of small devices from his jacket pockets; laying out several different old CD cases and a small mesh material CD carrier along side a CD player. 

Pushing in the transmission key on his radio, a smooth Irish voice fills the air-waves on the station*

"Lads and ladies of South Zagoria, well anyone in range to pick up this station.. I'm Mick O'Donovan and I don't know about you lot but I know I sure as shite miss music.. Don'tchya? Well have I got a treat for you, I've been collecting CD's and I finally found me self a CD player. So i'll populate the waves for ye when I ain't out and about... After this first song you fine folk chime in with a genre and i'll thumb through my collection and see what I can play to tickle your fancy, hows that sound?"

*As Mick shuffles through the CD's you can hear an occasional "Naw, naw... Hmm Maybe" followed by "Ah, here's somethin' you lot who like a folk music might appreciate?" Mick presses the CD into the player and quickly says "From one of my favorite groups The High Kings, here's their rendition of "Irish Pub" I sincerely hope this helps some of you through the night, don't let this shite hole we call Zagoria get to you lads!"  His voice fades as the music slowly grows in volume, a light chuckle heard before the music engulfs the air-waves*


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*The Man Grabs his radio and litsens intently untill its over and then speaks*

Ha Ha I love the High Kings its great that we still have some good music going over the Radio Station Kepp putting this out there We need this shit to brighten our spirits That and some whiskey.....

*His voice trails off with a click and then static*

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*The song ends, quickly skipping a few tracks the next song is set, Mick pauses to say a few words*

"To all of you souls traveling this fine morn' here's a walkin song for yer tired feet! You may not be heading for Dublin but lets pretend ye are! So because im in the mood, and everyone has some trouble ahead of them here's another song from me favorite boys.."

*A chuckle and cheer are heard before the music comes on*


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*The song fades out and Micks voice comes in through the fading instrumental*

"Well I figure i'll do trios of genres, ya know like three songs from each type of music? So for the last on in the folk music... *He draws in sharply and exhales* lets just say this one is near and dear to my heart, I played it when a few of my mates died in combat... A somber one for your afternoon, "The parting glass" God I love this High Kings CD.."

*The CD is skipped to the next track and the song comes on, somber and steady*


*The song ends and Micks voice returns*

"I'm feeling a little classic rock for the next round up.."

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*Haas hears the music and smiles. It has been some time since he heard Irish folk. It reminded him of his grandmother. He decides to chime in and make a request, with the hopes that the man broadcasting would happen to have it. He presses the PTT and speaks.*

"So then... you wouldn't happen to have The Monkees in any way would ya? Maybe Shades of Grey from their Headquarters album? Oh who am I kidding, does anyone alive now even remember the Monkees?"

*Haas releases the PTT and listens for any response from the man on the other end.*

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*Mick presses in his transmission key to reply*

"Hell the Monkees... *Rummaging can be heard* I don't think I do have that song, but I have a mash-up CD here.. Maybe you'll like this one!"

*Mick loads the hand made CD of mash-up rock songs into the player and cranks the volume*


*The song ends, and Mick simply lets the next track run, turning the volume down to speak over the intro*

"A little Springsteen for your evening, sit back and crack open a beer lads, i'll see if I can find a drinkin' song for yer Friday night, take ye back to a time before this shite we have to live in, I'm at least guna do it for me self!"

*The track is turned up and begins playing*


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*Mick picks up the radio, leaning on a pew in the church*

"For all you unlucky lads and ladies today, been held up or had to pull the trigger on some unlucky fellow, here's a song for all of ye.. Some times the wasteland gets to us all but don't let it consume ya... Let it consume the other poor bastard who's pants ye just took!"

*The CD is loaded and skipped a few tracks and the song comes on over the broadcast*


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*Micks voice comes over the radio*

"Lads, I normally wouldn't interrupt some good tunes to squawk at ya, but i've gotta say somethin.. A message for the lot of you legging it around in this mountain country crock o' shite."

*A long pause, then a deep exhale.. Anger course in his voice*

"Those.... Those ninny French pricks, those knob slobbering cunts are nothing but urchins, weak and vile little creatures only have brass ballocks when there's fifteen of em and you've already got your pants at ur ankles! I hope someone wipes their arse with one of ur fuckin red berets!"

*Another pause and a chuckle is heard*

"Say, you boys wear a lot of red... Shouldn't that shite be white? I mean you do have a track record of givin up.."

 *Micks rant trails off and a few CD's are shuffled in the background before he comes back onto the radio*

"Here's a special track i'll play the next time I see one of you lads in the bush, I'm keepin a bullet for ye too. Guna write "Vive les racailles"  and put it through ur funny little mustache."

*A breeze can be heard, it sounds cold and vengeful before the music starts playing*


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