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96.6 Zelenogorsk In the Morning With CD


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  • Sapphire

*You can hear some rustling off some sort... You hear a bit of static and a click.*


*as the song finishes you hear a mans voice*

Hello to anyone listening.. This is... Uhh well its better if you dont know. I have a bunch of old songs on my mp3 player.. I found some batteries and I will play them on here. Hope you enjoy... 

*sound cuts out*

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  • Sapphire

*Radio clicks on as the mystery man begins to talk*

Well, I guess this is like my own little radio station.. *chuckles* Well Here is  Louis Armstrong with a wonderful world. I hope you all enjoy and I will be back with more soon. You're listening to Zeleno in the morning, With CD.



*CD begins to speak*

Hello boys and girls tuning in to Zelenogorsk in the morning you just heard what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong... What a classic. I love that song, Coming up next is another classic for all you fellas out there that still got a lady to call yours. Cherish her and tell her how much you love her. Heres Elvis Presely With Cant help falling in love with you. 


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  • Emerald

*turns on the radio*

These are some good songs, time passed faster while listeing to the songs

*radio goes quiet*

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  • MVP

*picks up his radio*

Haven't heard something that beautiful in a while. I'll make sure the radio stays on for your music!

*goes sitting in his old chair and listens*

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*Alex Picks up His radio and waits for the music to end and continues to look through his books*

Can we make a request and see if you can find it? its an old song from my childhood The Parting Glass if you can find it somewhere that would help me through the day and on my walks.

*Alex puts down the radio and sighs as he looks back over his many books*

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  • Sapphire

*radio station goes live*

Any and all requests are accepted.. I just need to find CDs etc so it could take a bit.. I have been traveling a lot lately. *guns shots* .. I will do my best... If you have CDs or cassets, records etc. Bring them to the Zelenogorsk clinic, put them in the main lobby. I will get as many as  I can *static*

*station cuts out*

*A loud and energetic voice comes booming through the airwaves*

Hello boys and girls, Welcome to Zel in the morning, we have had some request and I will need to do some looking for those. In the mean time here is Frank Sinatra You make me feel so young... Im sure there are plenty of  us out there looking for a lady like this.. *chuckles* Enjoy! 


*static for a few moments*

Well you just listened to you make me feel so young by Frank Sinatra.. Well  since it seems as if were playing classics from the Rattpack, heres a song by Dean Martin im sure you know it... Heres Aint that a kick in the head. Im sure weve all been experiencing some head trauma *laughs* Enjoy!

*theres a slight amount of static and crackling.. the music begins to play after a few seconds*


*The silence breaks and CD clicks on his radio*

Hey boys and girls you just listened to A classic from Frank Sinatra, Here is a request from one of our listeners. The high kings and their song The parting of glass... Will be taking requests. It might take a while to find some CD's. But enjoy this calming irish band. 


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  • Sapphire

Hello people... Its a nice day outside, and hopefully this music will get you through the day, heres a classic by Johnny Cash. Youre now listenging to Hurt. Im sure theres alot of you out there that are feeling like theres nothing left in the tank.. Dont give up. Do whatver it takes to survive.

*static and a song comes on*


Ahhh, johhny cash. What a goo song. One of my favorites from him. Well heres another classic from one of my favorite bands the Ink Spots. Youre now listening to if I didnt care by the Ink Spots. Sit back relax and clean your rifle.. Enjoy.'

*static for a few moments and a you can hear some rustling in the back*


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