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S1: NWAF and nearby barn: Killing of compliant hostage


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Server and location: S1; NWAF south barracks near well, nearby barn

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Nov 6 approximately 12:30-1AM (unsure to be honest, it was Nov 5 at aproximately 6:30-7PM Eastern

Daytime or Night-time: Night

Your in game name: Enzo Massaro

Names of allies involved: Unsure of who was in game as I didn't see them in game. Assuming various Zbor members, possibly Jay Wong

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Clay Diamond and James Woods

Suspects weapon/s: Unsure, saw a rifle (SKS?) and a handgun that I remember

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Videos recorded via shadowplay with a setting to record 10 previous minutes.

Part I:

(9:55 in length)

Part II:

(approx 8 minutes, stopped recording shortly after I died)

Detailed description of the events:

Firstly, I'd like to mention this is my first report I've made, so I apologize if I missed something or have done something incorrectly.

I was perusing through NWAF, running into a few people here and there, when I ran into Clay and James. Conversation was short but began pleasant enough.

I was initiated upon.

I informed my group via teamspeak that I was being initiated upon and my location.

I was searched for a radio, to which I replied "yes" in them finding one. At this point I muted teamspeak.

During the move from the location of initiation to the barn, they spotted some one in the woods. I was asked to tell who ever it was to go away, which can be seen in the video that I complied and informed who ever it was of the demands at the time. I can be honest in saying that I assumed it was members of Zbor in the woods, but couldn't be certain as I had ran into other people at NWAF prior to the initiation.

I was moved to the barn. I complied to the best of my abilities. New demands were given to me for anyone that may try and rescue me, but I was given no radio to communicate that to anyone that may have been trying to locate me. Anyone who was outside of the barn would not have known the new threats on my life.

To my knowledge, no one outside entered the barn, which was the latest threat to my life. I, nor Clay and James could have even have known that those outside were my rescuers, as the counter-initiation from outside the barn had no mention of me in it but only that everyone inside the barn put their hands up and shut the fuck up (I paraphrased, it's in the video).

This was my first time actually being taken hostage, and although my time was limited (I mentioned OOC that I would have to leave within 45 mins of the initiation start due to OOC responsibilities and wanted to make them aware of that), I was hoping that it would have gone a little better.

Anyways, I'm probably missing things from this report, so please feel free to ask me for any further information you need. I will be going to bed very shortly and will do my best to respond in the morning and the early afternoon.

I also would like to note, that prior to deciding to write this report, I attempted to contact Clay and/or James via teamspeak to discuss things there, but could not find them in the list. I waited from the time of my execution to the time I had to leave for OOC reasons (it was approximately 20 mins I waited and scrolled through the teamspeak rooms). I did not unmute myself from teamspeak until the time of my death as well.

I would also (I know, how many "also's" is this guy gonna have) like to ask that if anyone from Zbor or allies involved post up on this, please keep it light and respectful to those accused. Even though I died, I'm only moderately upset I lost my light blue bomber jacket.

Thanks in advance to the staff.

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Kill Logs:

01:04:00 | Player "Enzo Massaro"(id=) has been killed by player "James Woods"(id=)

Hit Logs:

01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into LeftArm."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::500 B::4500 H::4800 HP::0."
01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into LeftArm."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::1000 B::4000 H::4600 HP::0."
01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into LeftArm."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::1500 B::3500 H::4400 HP::0."
01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into LeftArm."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::2000 B::3000 H::4200 HP::0."
01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into Chest."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::2500 B::2500 H::4000 HP::0."
01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into Chest."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::3000 B::2000 H::3800 HP::0."
01:04:00 | "James Woods(uid=) SHOT Enzo Massaro(uid=) by SKS into Chest."
01:04:00 | "Enzo Massaro(uid=) STATUS S::3500 B::1500 H::3600 HP::0."

Chat Logs: OP

00:52:00 | Chat("Enzo Massaro"(id=)): *yes*
01:02:39 | Chat("Enzo Massaro"(id=)): //just want to give you the heads up now, I have 45 mins before I have to go pick up my wife. Is that cool?
01:02:57 | Chat("Enzo Massaro"(id=)): /thank you very much, appreciated

James Woods

00:51:45 | Chat("James Woods"(id=)): *pats for radio do i find on?*
00:52:12 | Chat("James Woods"(id=)): *takes*
01:02:49 | Chat("James Woods"(id=)): //ye

Disconnect/Connect Logs: OP

00:15:24 | Player "Enzo Massaro" is connected (id=) 
01:20:14 | Player "Enzo Massaro"(id=) has been disconnected

James Woods

23:53:07 | Player "James Woods" is connected (id=)
04:42:21 | Player "James Woods"(id=) has been disconnected

Clay Diamond

23:53:18 | Player "Clay Diamond" is connected (id=)
00:57:49 | Player "Clay Diamond"(id=) has been disconnected

Calling James Woods and  Clay Diamond to this report

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  • Sapphire

We were robbing a man at north west. We take his radio and begin to move him towards the south. We see a man following us. We both say clearly that if his friends follow us and pursue us that we will kill him. He even proceeds to tell to his boys and tell them to back off or we would kill him. Once we get into the barn I crash. Once I log back in we hear we have the building surrounded and put your hands up. James shoots and kills the hostage. We fight them. James dies and I get away.

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  • MVP

-User was warned for this post-

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-User was warned for this post-

I do hope that this information in this post could be put back into the report if possible. I had asked after the incident last night if some one could verify that I muted when my radio was taken and did not provide any information to those trying to rescue me.

She was simply doing as I requested as I have seen past reports where people were accused of providing information after having their radio taken from them in game. Being that this is my first report, I wanted to make sure I had all my bases covered.

Regardless, thanks Helena for posting anyways and you can take it out on me later if need be.

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Guest SexyMilton

We were robbing a man when me and clay saw a man following us and we told are hostage to tell them to not follow are we would kill him we then moved the hostag to a barn were clay crached and then i tell the man if any one comes and trys somthing even if it was anyone that i would kill him he said ok to this and 5 mins later we here a man telling us to surrender and then i turn and tell enzo *I told you what would happen* then i shoot and kill him So we go through a pvp fight i killing one of them me and caly then try to run but i was killed in the process.

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So I'm not sure what else to do here now, so let me know staff.

The videos are complete and unedited and show all the dialog that happened, including demands, contact and dialog with who ever was outside of the barn, etc.

I'll check the forums tonight, and will be available most of the day tomorrow. Let me know of what further assistance I can be.

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James Woods — RDM (invalid execution) — guilty


James Woods

To recap entire situation, the two of you decided to initiate on and take hostage Enzo without having previously had any encounters with him, as evident by yourself and Clay Diamond asking for his name. You apparently spot someone following you on your way to the barn between the airfield and Vybor, having Enzo yell for someone to stop following. Shortly after you arrive at the barn and begin interrogating Enzo, threatening his life multiple times, all while he is restrained, defenseless, and lying on the ground. Someone on the outside initiates on everyone in the barn, including Clay, Enzo, and yourself. Feeling you had the right to kill him, you immediately shoot Enzo in the back, killing him.

Throughout the entire situation, Enzo was a compliant hostage, doing everything you asked of him. You failed to gain KOS rights at any point during the encounter and ended up killing him because you believed the people outside were in his group. Whether they were or not is irrelevant, as there had yet to be any form of a hostage negotiation between yourself and outsiders. Enzo had zero radio contact with any of his allies, as his hands were bound behind his back and his TeamSpeak muted. So in the event outsiders were his friends, he was completely unable to tell them. To make this clear, you had absolutely zero right to kill Enzo, yet you chose to do so anyway, destroying any further roleplay between him and yourself in not only this situation but in further run-ins you two may have had.

"Those who control the freedom of their victim(s) must do everything in their power to keep their victim(s) alive and in relatively good health, unless they have good in character reason to execute their victim(s). Otherwise the victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them."

With the banstrike given in this verdict, you are hereby permanently banned from DayZRP. Good luck elsewhere.


James Woods — RDM (invalid execution) — permanently banned

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