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Stolas Ban Appeal.

Guest Stolas

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Unable to link the initial report because my account has been banned. 

I'd appreciate a Moderator linking it here for me, if at all possible! 

Why the verdict is not fair:

I believe the verdict was not fair due to the one sided way in which it was investigated, the moderator handling the report had gone in from the start with one mindset: that I was deserving of the ban and a disgusting person. I would have been content was my account banned for a number of days, yet this ban was permanent due to it's 'Nature'. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I mockingly said that we were going to 'Finger' a female prisoner of ours, as my character was a crude and rather disgusting human being, and due to the banter that was had with the group I'd been running with for the past week or more. I believe there was a complete overreaction, due to the 'Victim' being a Twitch Streamer and a Female, and apparently being brought to tears by the mention of the crude language used. I believe there was an overreaction and that the person was vindictive in wishing to ensure someone suffered for them being held up, robbed and on the wrong end of a hostile scenario. 

I have been absent from the server from some time, and would very much like to return to DayZRP of which I have RP'd since the mod days. It was a new character I was experimenting with and had received no complaints until I triggered someone with crude language. I reacted badly to the situation and will steer clear from anything similar in the future should this appeal manage to get through. I've always prided myself on being able to create RP and scenarios before hand, bring people together and offer something to this community, be it RP or discussion on some happenings of RP. 

I felt the report was completely overreacted to due to the person who filed the report was a streamer known to the community, and because she decided she would cry over crude comments made in an RP scenario taking part during the apocalypse. I do not believe anything I said was too shocking or vulgar, I do admit it could be crossing a line somewhere if we wish to keep such acts/attitudes from this server, for they can lead down dark paths. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I'd like to return to the server I initially bought DayZ for, and continue RP'ing with those friends I'd made here. After a break, I've decided I'd like to attempt to return, at the very least. 

What could you have done better?:

Not got myself involved in the scenario with someone who was obviously distressed from the moment we'd initiated, and further antagonized the situation.

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Hi Stolas

In your ban appeal you wrote:


I believe there was a complete overreaction, due to the 'Victim' being a Twitch Streamer and a Female, and apparently being brought to tears by the mention of the crude language used.

We are a little bit shocked by this statement. You blame her for your ban, saying she "overreacted" and that is absolutely pathetic.

Let´s have quick summary of the video:

You all played a game where she had to ask questions.

She did that and asked: "What is your favorite weapon."

Your response was: "My dick, next question.".

While you found that funny, she clearly did not and went OOC to tell you that she does not like it:

17:45:56 | Chat("Audrey Jones": //i dont like this at all

You then said: "When do we get to finger her"

And she again made it clear, that she does not like the Roleplay.

17:46:38 | Chat("Audrey Jones": // no more
17:46:47 | Chat("Audrey Jones": // i will have to log if that continues

There are also other comments like "I'm going to fuck you bloody right up your cunt" which is disgusting and in no way good hostile Rp.

It was clear that the OP, female streamer or not, was not alright with it.

Blaming her because she is female and a streamer is completely out of line. So much so that we struggle to find words for it.

Blaming her for being a girl with the stereotype of "Girls overreact" is immature and sexist.

You blame her for your actions, but no one else is to blame apart from you.

We don´t want behaviour like this and you know that, since you have been a member of 2013.

One word of advice:

Making bad decisions is a part of life. Blaming others for your bad decisions is immature

“Dont switch the blame to her, that's the oldest trick of all cowards”

- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Ban Appeal denied.

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