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Northern Line Broadcast [Open Frequency]


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  • Sapphire

A gruff male would walk among his brothers, into the woods. When they were finally alone, far away from the city, a gruff male voice spoke into his handheld radio.

"This is Mikael Vektov of the Northern Line Trading Company. We are your new fucking Wal-mart."

A few laughs can be heard behind him, at this.

"Seriously though. If you want something and you want it quick, contact us on this frequency... We'll let you know what we've got in stock and what we can go gather. We'll discuss payment later. We deal in medical supplies, military gear, firearms, firearm accessories, automotive parts and also can work out security contracts. Jump over to radio frequency 132.4 to speak with one of us or a sales associate. No hand-outs!"

At this, he would let go of the transmit button.

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  • Diamond

*Static, suddenly you hear the sound of some mags tapping together*

Hmm, how about some of these AK mags for an M4? I've got quite a few.

*The voice cuts out*

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