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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-24 03:29

S1 Avoiding RP.


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Server and location: S1 Green Mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 9:30 to 10:30 server time. (Last night, 4th november)

Daytime or Night-time: Day time.

Your in game name: Lewis Knight

Names of allies involved: Mark Knight, Jacob Makarov, Dan Sommer, Zoja Kolsky + 2 Zbor.

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Pyotr Sherkov.

Suspects weapon/s: SKS but nobody was shot.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have a screenshot and 1 video however the video does not show too much.

Detailed description of the events: We were at GM. 2 people turn up claiming to be native however they sound russian IC and are cursing in russian. Some people kick off about it and they try to lie repeatedly to get themselves out of a hole they've dug. (There are some chat logs from Zoja Kolsky if needs be.) Pyotr Sherkov and his friend continue to act very shady and sketchy throughout the whole time they were there. His friend was also denying having any involvement with him even though we could clearly see they were at least in a dynamic group. I call out 'bullshit' that they were seperate as his friend continues to ask "Where is my friend?" and look for him. Whilst sneaking around, Pyotr Sherkov states what is shown in the screenshot. At this point i don't really have an issue.

About 10 minutes down the line, Pyotr Sherkov is then STILL at Green Mountain. He and his friend had still been sneaking around the back of the admin building and remaining 'in the shadows' of the compound. We HAD NOT initiated by this point. With them being so sketchy for so long, it now makes sense to initiate (the idea being to get the 2 Zbor guys to check if they were Chernarussian or not.) Pyotr tries to flee the compound but because it now makes sense to initiate, we do in the forest. We handcuff him and he claims OOC something like "My internet will cut out, sorry." I would have believed this if it hadn't have been for the fact that 15-20 mins down the line he has not disconnected from the server through connection loss.

We feel as if he was abusing OOC to get out of a situation and avoid rp. He was given an option to leave and escape (because we did not initiate instantly) and he hung around the area continuing to act sketchy and suspicious.

Screenshot of some of his OOC:


(The video does not show a lot. The only parts that are relevant are that he also states in his cuffs something like "It would appear there is no radio on most pattible areas" as if he is trying to hide his radio and keep it even after being frisked and that he says "Where are the patting?")

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Kill Logs: NA

Hit Logs:

22:40:31 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:31 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::50 B::5000 H::4998 HP::0."
22:40:31 | "Jacob Makarov(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into head."
22:40:31 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::3616.91 B::5000 H::4996 HP::0."
22:40:31 | "Branko Stasov(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into head."
22:40:31 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::4826.73 B::5000 H::4994 HP::0."
22:40:32 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:32 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::4876.73 B::5000 H::4992 HP::0."
22:40:32 | "Player Pyotr Sherkov(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
22:40:32 | "Branko Stasov(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into RightLeg."
22:40:32 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::4866.73 B::5000 H::4990 HP::0."
22:40:32 | "Hugo Kučera(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into leftarm."
22:40:32 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::4916.73 B::5000 H::4988 HP::0."
22:40:32 | "Milton Borshkie(uid) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:32 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::4966.73 B::5000 H::4986 HP::0."
22:40:32 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) has fallen into unconsciousness. HARD HIT Total S::7978.41"
22:40:32 | "Jacob Makarov(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid) by fist into head."
22:40:32 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::7978.41 B::5000 H::4984 HP::0."
22:40:33 | "Branko Stasov(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into LeftArm."
22:40:33 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::8028.41 B::5000 H::4982 HP::0."
22:40:33 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into RightLeg."
22:40:33 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::8078.41 B::5000 H::4980 HP::0."
22:40:34 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STARTS BLEEDING."
22:40:36 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:36 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::5050 B::5000 H::4978 HP::0."
22:40:40 | "Michael Carney(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into RightLeg."
22:40:40 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::4980 B::4982 H::4976 HP::0."
22:40:41 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:41 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid) STATUS S::5030 B::4982 H::4974 HP::0."
22:40:42 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) HIT Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:42 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::5050 B::4973 H::4968 HP::0."
22:40:42 | "Milton Borshkie(uid=) by fist into Chest."
22:40:42 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STATUS S::5150 B::4973 H::4964 HP::0."
22:41:39 | "Pyotr Sherkov(uid=) STOPS BLEEDING."

Chat Logs:

21:51:46 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): //Just a quick note, I've got ot hop off in 10 mins
21:52:01 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): //So if any of you want to initiate on me I'd rather leave right now
21:57:13 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=))://I've got to hop off ooc'ly, don't want to hop off in the middle of conflict
22:02:40 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id)): //Well, internet's about to cut, sorry folks
22:02:43 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): //I warned ya
22:04:21 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): *Where do you pat?*
22:04:49 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): *It would appear there is no radio on most pattible areas*
22:06:10 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): //How do you change a coat?
22:06:15 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): //While walking, and i'm handcuffed
22:24:06 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): *Moves his hand up to his nose and rubs at it*
22:37:47 | Chat("Pyotr Sherkov"(id=)): *Pats down his pockets*

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

20:56:32 | Player "Pyotr Sherkov" is connected (id=)
22:48:21 | Player "Pyotr Sherkov"(id=) has been disconnected

Calling Pyotr Sherkov  to this report

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Hey hey! That'd be me. The whole incident was a big misunderstanding as far as I could tell, and in the end, I don't think anyone's rp suffered due to both of the involved characters getting K.O.'d or killed.

I had talked my friend into joining this server, and I decided to help him out by creating a character that would go along his own. We decided upon them being Chernarussians from birth, and to our misfortune, didn't read up on the appropriate lore. We both thought the capitol of Chernarussia was Cherno, and the language based on Russian - both of which were wrong. Our lack of proper knowledge reflected in RP and all the anger from my character was purely IC - I do not mix up in game events and OOC feelings. All in all both my friend and I enjoyed the whole situation quite a bit, and thought it was a great introduction to the server, considering everyone stayed so true to their characters. I decided to stay inside the compound so my friend would feel more comfortable during his first encounter with RP.

As for my internet problem, the situation was basically this - my modem is scheduled to turn off at 11pm, I had done this voluntarily due to me having sleeping issues in the past. I merely wanted to state so, so that we may avoid my character disappearing in the middle of RP. While it is true you have to stay true to character, if one truly has a good reason to leave, perhaps you should consider letting his character off with a mere insult and goodbye, instead of somply saying "stop ooc" ^^. I am by no means upset, again, whole RP was fun as heck. Though it appeared that my internet was set to last until midnight - one hour extra. I do not know why, perhaps due to daylight savings time, perhapd my family turned it on to finish some business of their own, or maybe they just forgot to change it back after a one week long vacation that happens every year at this time Lithuania (a small one extra hour treat for myself). Whatever the reason, after I decided to remain online for the few remaining minutes due to not receiving permission to leave, and to my luck, the internet stayed on. I avoided stating this due to not wanting to annoy anyone further with my ooc chatting.

Edit: Grammar and a bit of further explanation

Once again, all hatred was purely IC due to my character being an asshole.

I hope you understand that fixing one's health should be a top priority, and I was trying to do nothing more but to inform you to avoid seeming like the type of person to log out once my character gets in trouble.

(Sorry for any missed errors, typed this on my phone)

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Well, next time you're in a situation that might get you initiated on, don't use your internet cutting off as a reason to stay. If you have to go, go before you are initiated on. I'd like this report closed please. I do not wish to pursue this further and believe this can be a learning experience instead.

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/Closing by request of OP

Edit: to the accused when someone pats you down for a radio they don't need to be precise when patting you down. While we are happy that the op wishes to use this report as an learning opportunity for you, this behavior will not be condoned in the future.

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