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To the Regulators...Are You Trying?

Guest bobman235

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Guest bobman235

*you hear a voice come on over your radio* 

"Hello all. My name is Jack Dufan. This is a message to the Regulators."

"I must say i am disapointed in all of you. Even now with two beautiful young women in my custody. I dont think that Mr.Decon is very gratfull about that. Any ways, i think that you might need a hint. So... I will allow the Regulators ot ask me one question. anything you want. My age, What i look like, were i am, were Miss.Decon and her daugter are. At the time i tell you the answer it will be 100% truthfull. That being said i will say that if you take to long... Things might change. Good luck to you Mr.Hollows. I hope you think long before you ask me anything."

*your radio cuts out*

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  • Sapphire

John listens over the open frequency. He hears the man talking, the typical 'bad guy' that was always in all those crime movies... and sometimes at the end of his microscope or his gun before all this started. He ran the words though his mind, replaying the words through his head. Felt like home again, analyzing the ramblings of some overconfident asshole. All the ransom messages he'd heard, the 'or else' statements, he'd heard it all before. He smirked at the man's offer on a single truthful answer, to any one question. Most would ask where he was, or where the supposed hostages were at. But wording was key. Couldn't ask the first thing that came to your mind. Impulse was not always the answer.

He keyed up his radio.

"Perhaps the correct question is... What exact physical location will they be at when they are found?" He ran his tongue over his lips, pausing. He put his free hand on the grip of his 1911 in it's holster. "Then the question you have to ask yourself is... What will happen when the people who care less about putting you in a cell and more about purging you catch up?"

He paused again, straightening up.

"I am not one of the regulators, so don't take that as their question unless they declare. I don't consider us on the best of terms anyway..."

The transmission cuts out.

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  • Emerald

*Warden Hollows inclines his head as his radio crackles to life at an early hour in the morning in the radio room. He can't help but chuckle to himself and shake his head from side to side as a familiar voice on the other end begs to be heard for a third time. He nudges his Radio Operator lightly to wake him up so they might both enjoy this message. Once the voice has finished, the two look to one another then proceed to bust out laughing uncontrollably, high-fiving and slapping their knees. The Operator even falls out of his chair at one point before they try hard enough to collect themselves to finally return the broadcast.*

"This is Warden Hollows of the Regulators, we have received all three of your messages. There is little to no proof to validate your claims about your abductions, as nobody has been reported missing to us for over two months, now. Our main inquiry is why you are so desperate for us to pay any attention to you. I've never even heard of you before. If you want to submit yourself to us, then that'll be fine. But we aren't going to waste our time or resources chasing dead-ends or running into seemingly obvious traps.

 It's an apocalypse, Mr. Dufan. Don't you have anything better to do than try to play 'Cat n' Mouse' over the radio? Come on, now. Get a hobby." 

*He places the microphone back atop the transmitter, and continues to lightly chuckle with his Operator. He grabs a mug of tea on his way out of the radio room to take his peaceful, yet rainy, morning stroll.*

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Guest bobman235

*you hear your radio come on for a moment before you here a signal gun shot, followed by muffled cry's*

"OK then Mr.Hollows. i wanted this to be a nice game but you had the change it up on me so if you want proof then ill give you proof"

*you hear the radio being set down on a table. after a moment a girls voice comes over the radio with a quivering voice*

"Tell Mr.Hollows who you are"

"M...m...my name is Jenifer Decon"

"And what did i just do to your mother?"

*you hear the girl start to cry softly before she starts to scream*

"You wanted proof Mr.Hollows. You would have had it sooner if say... you decided to talk to Mr. Decon when he waited for you on the coast. But no. You had to insult me. I am a patient man Hollows... but i do not take disrespect with a blind eye and a deaf ear. Mr.Mr. Decon will be at Dolina tomorrow afternoon some time if you bother to show up this time. Do not expect to be happy to see you. After all... your the reason his wife is dead."

*you hear a camp fire and what sounds like running water before in the background  along with the girl still screaming before your radio cuts out*

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