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Aftermath [Ramsay Mills backstory pt2]

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It has been about three hours since the church had been attached by the infected. Ramsay and a Russian man he met were the only survivors. It was about 5:34AM and was still dark. Both of the men sat in a dark building about seven miles from the church. The Russian man, who introduced himself as Pavel, was looking through a backpack. Ramsay sat in the corner of the dark room, thinking about his dead wife. He wondered if there was anyway he could have saved her. Was it possible? Was it?

     Ramsay was no longer crying about the loss of his wife. He was now what some people would call 'broken'. Pavel had found two hiking backpacks in the closet of the house they were held up in. Pavel looked over at Ramsay, who was staring at the floor.

     "We need to rest Ramsay. We've been up all night", Pavel said.

     Ramsay did not reply to Pavel. He continued staring at the floor, thinking. At around 6:00AM, Pavel was lying asleep on the floor while Ramsay was leaving the house. He felt that he needed to leave; Ramsay thinks that Pavel is to blame for his wife's death. Only if Pavel didn't stop him, he could have got the dead of his wife. Could he? Ramsay walked out into the dimly lit street and started to follow the road.

     It has been a full week since the death of his wife. Ramsay still regrets not being able to save her, but is not as depressed at before. Ramsay found a green house on the side of the road and decides to rest. He walks in the abandoned house and looks around. On the kitchen counter lies a few knives and a meat mallet made of steel and wood. Ramsay takes out a can of beans, not aware of the foot steps approaching him. Some man behind him presses a gun to the back of Ramsay's head.

     "Give me all your food and-", Ramsay elbows the man's stomach and disarms him. The attacker charges Ramsay, throwing him against the kitchen counter. The meat mallet and a few small steak knives fall to the floor along with Ramsay. The attacker jumps on top of Ramsay and starts to choke him. Ramsay tries to push him off with his left hand and trying to grab anything with his right. He manages to grab the mallet's handle; Ramsay swings the mallet up at the attacker and strikes him in the head.

     The attacker falls the ground and Ramsay quickly gets to his feet. The attacker lets out a scream as Ramsay beats his head in with the mallet. When he is finished, there is barely anything left of the stranger's head. Ramsay, covered in blood, walks out of the house, gripping the mallet tightly.

Please report any spelling or grammar errors.

If anyone enjoys the story and hope for more, the Russian will return soon. Not the end of him.

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Great story,

Enjoyed reading it!

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