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Ban Apeals

Guest M.Panda

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Guest M.Panda

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

trying to get withlist on a Brand new account

Why the verdict is not fair:

Hello guys, the reason I made myself a new account is not because I did something wrong on the other one , it simply because I forgot my username 

-so can you guys delete my older account and unban me please , so I can go apply for withlist :)

-it simply a miss understanding I was not trying something wrong I promise


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

-I actully send you guys an email before making a new account you did not reply :(

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

-get withlist! :)

- restart playing dayz the good way! :)

-make some new friend

-and off course get unban 

-help the community 

-and a lot more :P

thanks for reading :)

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Your other account got blacklisted because you were underage.

I find it strange that you forgot to mention this.

For us to even consider letting you back you'll need to do this:

Underage blacklist:

If you have previously been blacklisted for being under the age of 16 and you are now 16 or older you can appeal the ban by providing proof of age. You need to submit the following two photos:

1. A picture of you, holding a legitimate ID card and a note saying "DayZRP - Forum name"

2. A close-up of your legitimate ID card with a photo and visible date of birth. You can blur out other sensitive information if you want to.

Send these two photos/scans to [email protected] . We guarantee confidentiality and will delete the email and its contents once verification is finished.

This is the ONLY way for you to get removed from the blacklist.

The rest of this will be handled through mails.

Your posting rights will be suspended until further notice.

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