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Nikolai B.

Logged in after CTD on carrier.. Into death screen.

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My game crashed during the final phase of the Invasion event. Right when we were boarding the chopper to go back to Chernarus.

I was inside the heli when the game crashed.

When I logged back in today, I logged into a death screen. I could see the countdown at the top of the screen just prior to that.

Is there anything to be done about this unfortunate and obviously glitched out death? It would be a shame, I survived the whole event unscathed.

Thanks in advance,


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Guest WaltteriH

Rolle should be able to teleport the body to you.

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Best bet, in future, is to avoid staying on the carrier in any capacity - either with your character or vehicles or both.

You'll likely have to PM an admin if you hope for assistance directly.

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