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To The People That Held Us Up At Green Mountain!! [Open Frequency]

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*Bennie grabs a beaten up radio on a desk in Green Mountain Prison, and starts Transmitting on all frequencies*

"To the three people that just held up Me and my fellow group members "The Insurgents", we will be looking for you and your so called friends.

You think you can get away with taking us hostage.....Oh no no no no no my friends. This is good because you have now scared my arm and I know your handwriting and your faces......Better watch your back and sleep with one eye open.....We're coming to hunt you down "

*Before letting go of the button on the radio you hear a gun being loaded, then a maniacal laugh*

*End Transmission* 

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*Listening in to the short and abrupt message, He reaches into his backpack with a sigh to respond*

When people not learn about place, Leave it up ZBOR and mountain be safe again one day. But for now, you not need go round throwing idle threats about to people. With name like Insurgents you wonder why people do this? Maybe you need protection yourself. I never been robbed in land, Maybe you like to give me information on men and we deal with it.

Threats over airways make people laugh, not take serious. Come find us, we work something out

*Muttering to himself as he throws the radio onto the table hes sat at, "People never learn". He reaches out and grabs his tin of tobacco and rolls one before getting up and moving out*

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*Dente rolls his eyes,blurting in*

"Not to be an asshole.. Mr.. Whatever.. I woundt track down anyone in a group, unless you have a band of 5 merry men behind you.. But in all honesty if your at green your just asking for it. Why do you think I ushally sit there?"

*Dente cuts off*

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  • Sapphire

*The transmission begins*

My advise would be to stay away from Green Mountain, friend. It is a very dangerous place, crawling with bandits and crooks just waiting to rob people of their possessions. It would not be wise to travel there in small groups, especially if you are not well armed.

*Static is heard before the transmission cuts off*

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