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Open Channel from unknown location

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*Clicks radio on*

"Hello there; my name is Ramsay and I'm looking for help. Not physical, but mental help."

    *There is a brief pause*

"I don't know where to begin. At the beginning of the infection I lost my wife. I first killed a man a week later. I've killed so many people that I have lost count."

     *Another brief pause*

"It never bothered me until now. Every time I close my eyes. . . I see the people I've killed. I don't know why this is happening, but it keeps getting harder to sleep. Please anyone out there, let me know hot I can stop this."

     *Turns off a radio*

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  • Emerald

*Mysterious man turns on the radio*

Hello Ramsay, have tried asking help from the higher power or maybe look for a priest or someone to help you set free?

*Man turns off the radio*

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*The radio pushes static through for a minute and then a voice can be heard*

All take one bullet

*Another long silence follows and a single bullet can be heard followed by a body hitting the floor

You get idea

*A thud echoes through the frequency and then static follow for what seems an age before slowly fading away*

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  • Sapphire

*Garbo sat in a small hut, eating some soup while he heard the transmission. He recognized the regretful feelings of the man. When the radio went quiet he looked out the dusty windows as he held the button on his radio*

I know how you feel, the flashbacks, the triggers. Talking about it won't help. You have to try lock it inside, deep inside your head and avoid anything that will trigger memories of the past. Move forward. Forget about... the past.

*Garbo let go off the button and returned to his soup*

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Jade could hear some sort of transmission coming through her radio, picking it up, she could hear a man on the other end saying something about people he had killed, he seemed pretty upset. There were some more people, who spoke briefly while Jade sat back against the hardwood floor and left the radio hovering just out of reach of her face, thumb placed on the transmission button however not holding it down just yet. Finally giving into the temptation to reply, she held it briefly adding.

 "...We...We've all, I mean...."

 Releasing the button for a moment, Jade's free hand instinctively went to the pistol resting inside her chest holster, holding it there along the grip as she stared down at it. Pressing the button down again Jade continued.

 "...I think...maybe, I was kind of like that...one time. I killed...gunned people down. I'm...not sure...how many were...people, anymore. I thought...it...should mean something, right? Killing someone...it's, not...supposed to be easy....right?"

 "It's....hard to sleep, doesn't matter if you...feel...anything about what you do. If it isn't the monsters clawing at your...windows at night. It's the stranger...off in the distance. Stop it? You...can't. Does anyone sleep comfortable anymore?"

 Taking her thumb off the transmitter, Jade sat there in silence for a bit, wondering if anything else would broadcast.

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*Ramsay sits in a shack in a quiet forest, staring into a dying fire and listening to the radio responses*

*Presses talk button*

"I...I'm not religious, so I don't think 'praying' will help. It's just to hard to sleep seeing faces smashed in, bodies full of holes"

*Brief pause*

"I don't know if this can be stopped. I guess I'll find a way"

*Ramsay puts the radio next to him waiting for any responses*

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