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Staroye Clinic (72.4 fm)


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  • Emerald

*Sometime during the morning your radio whirs into life.*


"Good morning everyone. I understand it has been a few days since my first transmission.

I also noticed evidence of people visiting my clinic in Staroye while I was out scavenging for parts to repair my radio.

And I'm sure you can clearly tell the radio is working, so I am going to be waiting here in my office, ready to receive and respond if you wish to talk.

Of course you can visit my clinic if that is what you wish to do.

I eagerly await your replies. Frost out."

* The radio falls back into static*

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  • Diamond

Stradic is sitting on the outskirts of a town, scouting it out with his binoculars when he hears a familiar voice come over his radio. He pulls out his radio and pushes down on the transmit button...

'Frost, my apologies for what happened the other day. I took you to meet some people and ended up putting you in harms way which never was my intention. My offer still stands, should you need some supplies to keep your clinic running just simply put in an order and we will try to despatch the supplies to you as soon as possible.'

Stradic places his radio back into his pocket and moves into the town.

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  • MVP

*Jack listens and hears something about a clinic and starts to talk*

Hello there fella!

Its nice to hear another doctor around!, my name is doctor Fisher and I got a clinic in stary!

Maybe we can meet once and talk about some stuff?

*He then hears the threat*

Ha! threats!

You are gonna get alot of those! Dont mind it. People arent scared to do such a thing over the radio! But the truth is.. They wont do it you know why? Because we wont let them!

Have a nice day!

*he lays away the radio*

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*The Doctor Puts down is cigarette and lifts the radio to his mouth*

Hey, There I am Also a doctor and am planning to do a trade with some good folks for some medical supplies if you are interested I can donate some to you. No charge cause this traveling Clinic of mine needs to help other Clinics like yours so if you hear the Doctors in Staroye You will get some supplies.

*The Doctor puts down his radio and turns to his bag grabbing the supplies he needs for the trip as he puts the cig to his mouth smiling*

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*Terry wakes from his nap to hear voices from his radio, A smile dances across his face when he hears of a doctor*

       Howdy their friend my names Terry Spring and I must say I'm quite delighted to hear that there still are some decent folks around these parts, you would think just because the world's gone mad that it gives people some sort of excuse to be crazy. But back to my point I would like to offer my services as before the whole world going crazy I was a veterinarian and farmer and I know people are different from cattle but hell it's the same principles, So friend if you ever need any assistance whatsoever don't hesitate to contact me. Have a good day.  

*Terry puts his radio on his nightstand and starts getting all his gear ready*

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*The Doctor looks at his radio smirking at Terry's Broadcast and picking it up*

Howdy Terry, I'm glad to hear that you are willing to help if you want to get in touch I'm heading to Churno Electro way to get to Dolina so if you're welcome to travel with me and we can share supplies and grab some medical supplies for the clinic. Hope to see you on the coast or in Staroye if you do want to travel with me contact me.

*The Doctor clips the radio to his belt and whistles jauntily as he walks down the shore*

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