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Guest KennYSP

[Open Frequency] Hello..? Hello...?

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Guest KennYSP

*Kevin turns on the radio*

*Kevin takes a deep breath and begins to talk*

Hello?.. Hello?.. names Kevin Kane umm have not seen any peoples for a long while now ye had to heal after some things happened but ye umm..

*Kevin thinks about the name*

Umm ye.. Acorn are you still alive and good last time we seen i where kind off beat in a bad way... but hey i am alright now you still know the persons who tortured my right?

Umm.. huh.. i might need your help about it got to find her *Talking in the background* *what person? Melody Murdock i will not forget that name i  can only continue with my life if i finish what she started i got to.. i.. i.. i must! *sigh* don't worry i am not like them i am still a good person after all but it was too much to take... it leaved my a scar in my soul but  i wont kill her *laughs* no.. but i got to give her back what she gave my... but she could be dead already its been a long time after all i had to heal..*

So yeah umm anyone knows about a person Acorn?.. Anyways if you hear this Acorn contact my or i contact you.

You said when i am ready i have to contact you well umm... i am ready i guess *Background talking just let my have the power to do it *sigh*.

So umm yeah greetings to you all out there and stay safe*

*Kevin let the button go and waits for someone to reply*

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