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So its time.. Once more again. Kevin Kane. The victim of *a*Melody

Guest KennYSP

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Guest KennYSP

(Its time to write down Kevin Kane story as now i will bring him back.)

The beginning Kevin Kane.

Kevin Kane was born in  1997 april 19 in Japan, Tokyo he was living with his mother and father his mother name was Layla Kane and his father name was Barrick Kane.

Kevin Kane never had to hurry about money and life things his father had too much money more then enough to them still Kevin Kane was a good person that helped his friends without hesitation. This is how Kevin Kane grow up with his family without problems when the infection started his father got vip in a ship so they went to the ship to leave the country

they manage to get on the ship but there was a person who was infected and he infected more and more peoples when the situation got critical his father was defending his family he hold them back and told to Layla and Kevin to leave now they where hide in a room after 3 hour in the open water and screaming everything got silent BOOM! the ship crashed Kevin wakes up in the closed room they where hide his mother where bleeding out from her head no pulse after half hour Kevin left his mother looking at her dead body he decided to leave crying he run away from the ship without stop.

The outbreak Kevin Kane.

After the crash Kevin Kane runs without stop a 18 years old boy who had everything now have to survive alone out there the first thing Kevin did he saw a police station and run there the city was a ghost town nobody in the police station he want help from the police he have not get any everything was empty he found a store and cans of food plenty for a longer time so he took it and left he also left money in the desk.

Kevin Kane slowly realize what is going on the world its now a wasteland the fittest will survive the first person he saw was somebody who had got shot in the arm Kevin decided to help that person but that person decided to rob Kevin and its just made Kevin realize that this is what the world become there will be less good and more bad after a short time Kevin met a person called himself Acorn , Kevin told Acorn about how peoples are and nobody will respect the help but only god can help the humanity Acorn teach a lesson to Kevin that there is no god or if there is this is what he wanted? Acorn where try help Kevin to grow up and realize where we live helped him for a long time but he see Kevin just wont hurt peoples no matter what so he give up on Kevin and says you should sit down in the middle of the road and just wait your time until you die you will end up dead anyways like this you don't have to help everyone and no you don't always have to be a good person but i see there is no help for you i am sorry for you Kevin this wont end up good for you. Acorn walked away that day and Kevin have not see him for a long time after.

Kevin Kane The Victim.

After 3 month of Kevin realize that peoples need help but if you help them they turn on you but there was no bad in Kevin so he decided to help once more somebody he starts walking and see a person just on the road goes up to him/her and see a girl Kevin Kane ask the girl can i help you she turns around and says oh hey hey how are you? Kevin answers i am all umm *good* we can say... oh that's good i need some help up the forest my friend she is hurt bad please help us Kevin Kane without thinking about it could be a trap goes and help this girl they walk up to the forest and Kevin ask where is your friend lets see what is wrong well his friend walks up behind him and points that gun on Kevin Kevin says take what ever you find there but its really not much peoples did it many times Oh we are not here to take your things you see my name is Melody Murdock And this is Katt we are just bring you here to have fun. Katt Murdock takes out a knife and ask Melody can i cut off one of his fingers umm sure do it he is our pet now. Kevin Kane answers what a pet? no don't cut off my finger please you really don't have to do it YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IT PLEASE!

Melody Murdock oh i will not do it she will and yes we want to do it *Laughs* so Katt Murdock starts cutting of Kevin's finger slowly so he can feel the pain Kevin is screaming from the pain and when Kevin thinks its over its just begins after cutting off Kevin's finger they not let Kevin leave Melody told Kevin that from now she owns him and he have to fallow her around and she said repeat after my *You own my and i do whatever you say not matter what is it* say it or we might cut off your hole arm Kevin repeat it then she puts a rope around his neck and pulls him. Kevin thought it cannot get worse but it did Kevin become a toy that they used to torture when they feel for it.

Kevin become a victim of Melody and Katt for 3 month. Melody used to torture him every day even if he haven't done anything wrong Kevin needed to ask for permission such as can i eat something or anything else at the last month Kevin was so scared that he could not look up to her eyes he knows that he would get tortured.When they seen peoples they told Kevin to shut up and not talk they said Kevin is really aggressive and mentally insane and Kevin hurts himself just look at him the scars fingers cut off we have to take care off him all day this is what Melody said when they seen peoples nobody ever helped Kevin they just belive that he is insane. Melody asked Kevin for the first time are you hungry you haven't ask for permission to eat for a day now you have to eat to keep your self strong and ready to make my feel good right Kevin you want to disappoint my?. Kevin says please j.. ju... just KILL ME!. Melody says oh sweet heart you not gonna die but if you ever say this again i will make pain that you have not feel yet *Laughs* soo one day when Melody was alone Katt sleeping somewhere else she did the same thing tortured Kevin with a burned axe burned something in Kevin's arm with it. They went to sleep Kevin was so scared to stay he decided to cut off the rope around  his neck and leave he manage to leave escape Melody where searching for Kevin  in the radio and everywhere asked peoples about him.

Kevin Kane End of the line?.

Nobody saw Kevin again around that part did he suicide.

No Kevin Kane was strong enough to make it through he just where hiding for a long time now. He actually met Acorn after a month he escaped he told everything to Acorn his only friend Acorn Always said him just give me names and you wont have problems anymore with them. After Kevin told Acorn that 3 month of he being a toy for torturing and that he wanted to suicide but he could not Acorn with a laugh said you are stronger then i taught *hahahaha* i take back the part when i said sit down and wait for the dead *Laughs* you now realize what the world become? maybe this is what you needed  what not kills you makes you stronger you know where to find my Kevin now i have some things to do Kevin take care *Laughs* stay safe and heal i see you pretty beat up.

Kevin *Sits back down and thinks*

Its time... to move again i am living I AM LIVING!.


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  • Sapphire

Nice story buddy!

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