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Tuesday's Trade Offer [Open Frequency]


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  • Sapphire

The sturdy male would gently set down a large barrel, rattling with contents. After looking to his comrades, he would lift the handheld radio near his lips and speak in a gravelly, angry voice.

"This is an open offer to anyone who might be listening. My crowd and I are try'na run a business here, so please. Keep this channel clear unless you'd like to trade and barter with us. I will now list off what peculiar items we have collected in our recent travels. At the end of this list, you may make your offers over this broadcast.

Oh, an extra disclaimer. We don't sell ammo. Find it your fucking self, it's a free wasteland. Go out and take it. And yes, we realize that anyone could find these weapons somewhere out there but businessmen like myself don't have time to shovel our way through a bunch of helicopter wrecks and abandoned military installations at the risk of running into the common wasteland scoundrel. We do the hard part for you, we only ask for a fair exchange price. Thanks.

In terms of firearms, we have:

M4 with standard attachments, carrying handle.

A green SKS battle-rifle with one of those mid-range Russian scopes.

A CR75 handgun.

A Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle with another mid-range Russian scope and compensating muzzle brake.

A Colt Python, .357 magnum revolver.

This tiny Makarov pistol.

In terms of firearm attachments, we have:

A plastic AK handguard.

A tactical handguard rail for AK variants.

An M4 OEM buttstock.

That's today's offer. We'll have more. Prices are like an equal exchange type-thing. Let's say you want that CR75, you give us a couple of Makarovs or maybe a '1911. In today's case, we're actually seeking non-perishable food items and AK magazines.

It's a first come, first serve deal. We'll discuss details over a more secure frequency.

There are more of us than there are of you. You try to fuck with us during the handoff, you will lie cold in the dirt. I'll make sure you get chopped all to pieces and fed to the fucking crows. Forgive me for the vulgarity."

He would let go of the button and put the radio back onto his belt.

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*Tunes the nob on his radio, cranking the volume up for a moment to listen, then turning it down to reply*

*A audible kick can be heard, followed by the pulling of a starter chord, as a steady purr of the whirling chainsaw blade follows*

"What'll ya gi'mme for this beaut?"

*Lets go of the transmission key*

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*Static is heard over the radio followed by a snigger*

Man like me always need things, I may be wanting, Who you be to make such threats though? Always bigger people out there, Dont be too confident in self

*A pause ensues and faint whispers can be heard, "Musíme zjistit, kdo to se snaží podnikat za účelem dosažení zisku , by lidé měli se snažit a využít situace"*

I like to meet possibly, how contact you? . . . . I interested in business

*You can hear a slight ruffle as the radio is moved and turned off*

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  • Sapphire

The gruff man would once again bring the radio to his lips, speaking again in a stony tone.

"If that's what I think it is, and I think it's a chainsaw, then I'd say we could work out a nice deal for that piece. Firewood's hard to get in the cold and windy weather, you could get sick or get frostbite from simply hacking away at wood for an hour. Hit me with you what you want in exchange for the chainsaw."

He'd clear his throat, speaking again.

"As for the fellow who might be wanting, we don't meet unless it's to trade or if it's to set up some sort of agreement between our group and another group of interest. It's for our own safety. As for the threats, they aren't empty. We will gut whoever crosses us, one way or another."

He'd let go of the button.

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*The Doctor takes another drink of his whiskey and then picks up the radio*

Hey out there I would love to get some trade flowing through here its great to have it go out through. Are you guys looking for anything in particuler? I carry around a myriad of items like Purifying Tablets several weapons and will get many other items if you guys need. I Really need to get my hands on an M4. also I am in dire need of Medical Supplies for my traveling Clinic if you can get me that it would be a lifesaver literally. Just name your price and I will most likely be able to get it but you just need to name the time and Place. Also you guys plan to do this more than once right?

*The Doctor Smiles chuckles then clicks his hand off the button happy that progress and trade are starting to grow again and that he can once again start his store and clinic.

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  • Sapphire

He'd press the button a few moments later, after stepping over some poor, dead lad with a knife in his chest.

"We can find some medical supplies. We've got a spare M4. The running price? We desire AK74 and AKM magazines above all else, followed by canned goods in bulk. If you can provide, so will we."

The man would raise his rifle after quickly stowing his radio. He saw a blur of moment to his right.

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*The Doctor Brightens and quickley stows his whiskey and grabs his radio*

Alright yeah i have quite a few good cans and and AK magazine in stock I will look around for an AKM mag around my area and I also have a shit ton of food spaghetti and pumpkins I had about eight plots of farm up in zleno and have about 25 pumpkins and sevreral food stuffs Im really looking for medical supplies but I will get the shit you need and get back to you and we will find a time and place.

*The doctor puts down the radio and lights a cig walking down the island shore*

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*Clicks the transmission key*

*Pulling on the trigger for a second the chainsaw's blades whirl as it muffles all other noises*

"She is a wood choppin' machine boyo, What would ya call fair for this ol' lass?"

*Lets go of the transmission key*

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  • Sapphire

Kieran hears the message coming over the radio, he picks up his radio and clicks on the Transmit button

"Now, I'm no business man. But threatening people after making an offer doesn't seem very smart"

He sets down the radio and stares into his campfire

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  • Sapphire

He'd furrow his brow after listening for a while, then finally respond to the past few transmissions.

"By no means was I threatening anyone. I'm simply stating that my people and I will protect what we have with our lives. Now, onto business.

The AKM with three magazines sounds like an incredible deal to my crew and I. We're talking over what hefty equivalent we can come up with to best your offer. We'd like to know what you are searching for in return for a beautiful rifle and ammunition.

As for the chainsaw, I'd say fair is all according to what you are looking for. I just so happen to have a Submachine Gun, the MP5K with two magazines, as a first offer. If you'd rather get something else, I'm all ears. Ask away. In fact, by this evening, we may have more things on stock and I will update the list."

The man would let go of the PTT key.

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*Clicks the transmission key*

"Ya got any of those fancy vests the soldiers wear, ya know with the pouches and the pistol holster on em' those look right nice.. Oh and do ya by chance have on of em' uh what's it called.. Sporters! It fires .22 caliber, maybe with a scope.. That sound fair lad?"

*Lets go of the transmission key*

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