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.59 Uber thread

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.59 Experimental Features:

Table of Contents:

Thought I'd make an uber thread with all the features


GPS Gas Mask


Yellow Waterproof Bagdayz-0-59-yellow-waterproof-bag-is-in.jpg

Lab Coat:


Medieval Helmet:dayz-0-59-great-helm-medieval-helmet-is-in.jpg


Cz61 Skorpion:


Red 9 Mauser:


M67 Grenade:


M18 Smoke Grenade(Red/White) and RDG2 Smoke Grenade:dayz-0-59-m18-red-smoke-grenade.jpgZmuTalK.jpg

World Changes:

New Enter able 



Saw Mill: 6kYntr2.jpg37WBrHA.jpg

New factory:fmmXR0J.jpghxaimUe.jpg6c17vB1.jpgwRypkid.jpg

Enterable Chapel:M33VMsI.jpge9HlxUV.jpg

Wardrobe Container:dayz-0-59-world-container.jpg

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  • Emerald


71 shots have a look if you want to see a ruined labcoat, nurse dress, Smoke Grenades, Lootspawn, the SSH68 Helmet and alot of shots of the Red 9

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  • Sapphire

Recurve bow:i1Zvi22.jpg

I WANT THIS SO BAD. Have no idea how I would RP having a recurve bow but it'll be worth it :D

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  • Sapphire

I want all of it.

Hopefully the bow is halfway decent, I've always wanted to make an actual bow character.

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  • Sapphire

Cant wait for the new firearms and grenades in this amazing survival game :D


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  • Legend

Betty the blue van is coming back.

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  • Legend

oh boy that bow, love the new enterable buildings :D

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  • MVP

I want that bow.

It's so beautiful!

How about getting robbed in Green Mountain by Robin Hood :D

No, seriously that would be awsome!

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  • Legend

I love the new mechanics. 


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  • Titanium

I just want that Glock <3

I can finally have a nice self-defense pistol that doesnt look military in any way.

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  • Emerald

Got to love that betty van.

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  • MVP

Im glad someone makes time to make these threads.. 

thanks sheep!

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  • Sapphire

Dayz 0.59: Base Building Objects!!!

( Sorry have no time to upload any screens )


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