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unban appeal

Guest dangames

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Guest dangames

InGame Name/RP Name:

daniel moritz.

Real name: Daniel Geel

Steam name: Dangames

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

there is no report or i cannot see it because my account is banned from the forums. i have talked to a GM and a CH their names are jamie and  andreyQ

Why the verdict is not fair:

first of all you should know that im not going to disagree on the reason i deserved a ban. i admit that i was loot recycling, you have clear proof of this in the logs so there is no reason for me to say i didnt do it. also im not a kind of person that prefers to lie to get his things done. i'd rather talk about this issue and maybe we can find a way too still give me a punishment and there is still a way for me to play the RP. i fucked up and this is only  4th day in the community . i really studied hard on getting to know the rules and try to find that secret message. it was somewhere in the bottom near powergaming so believe me i read all the rules. and now i am here because of this 1 little word. exploiting. given i was not making a massive loot pile on the ground and only picking stuff up in the tent and keeping that in my clothing to use for trade later (wich i actually did whilst i was doing this, i met this guy called logan and i traded water for some food and some attachements and i gave him the ak101 i had on me because he seemed nice and i wanted to help him out, we later got on ts together) i do not find this exploiting  and more of a game mechanic because it has been in the game for so long now and game devs have not done a single thing about it for all i know. this i just my comment on this and if you find this not to be that then fine. i would still not see this as RP given in real life or close to real life this cannot happen that is why i find this more to be metagaming then actually exploiting the game. given peoples thoughts about this can be different, we could if you would like that talk over this in ts and get to know that i am not someone who wants to use all of this just to get geared and i only did this to get a magazine for my m4. in the past 4 days that i have been on this server now i have enjoyed it so much that after i came home from school i couldnt wait to play this. i have litterally spend about 16 hours or more in this server in 4 days just because i loved the concept of it and because i could finally play it considdering i turned 16 a few weeks ago. i have been waiting to play on this server for over a year and then when i finally get on it i almost immidiatly get banned over a stupid decision from my part. i am terribly sorry for this and i am hoping we can resolve this and atleast get me a non perma ban. 

then the final thing i wanted to say and that makes me different from other people and gives you a reason to give me a second chance: i am not a bad person, i have RPed all the time and have except for this rule not broken any others and i havent broken this rule with the intention to get geared really fast or mean harm to other people or disrespect the rules on purpose. the only purpose was to get me an m4 magazine. again im truly sorry about this and if i get a second chance you will never ever find me doing this again.

my humble apologies,

Daniel Moritz AKA Daniel Geel

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

i would like to be given a second chance.

i am not asking for no ban at all, i should be punished for breaking the rules no matter what, but it would be great if this could be achieved by a non perma ban.

What could you have done better?:

i could have followed the rules better and shouldnt even have come up with this idea in my head. when i would have done that i wouldnt even be in this situation and since i have broken the rules in this short amount of time i feel i havent done enough to even have prevented myself from doing it in the first place. so that is what i could have done better and will do better in the future even if that future will not be in this community.

Daniel Geel


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Hi dangames,

You were given the standard punishment for loot cycling, which as you have now found out, results in your permanent removal from this community. The chat log shown below is what alerted members of staff to the actions you were taking in game.

16:26:10 : Group: Daniel Moritz: // YOU MIND IF I JUST recycle the loot in here?

To make it clear, yes, we do mind. While you might believe this is a game mechanic, it is not intended to work as it presently does. Just because a certain mechanic acts in a certain way in the game does not mean you should use to to your advantage as you admit to doing. Loot cycling has caused issues for many months on public and private servers, including our own. Loot cycling can cause extra stress on the server which leads to server crashes, thus disrupting the roleplay for everyone on the server. Due to this, we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone caught in this action.

While you believe you have some valid in character reasoning for your actions, your point is null and void. Regardless of why you did it, you still broke our server rules. We have provided information in regards to loot cycling on our forums for some time now, allowing everyone to educate themselves on what not to do. In addition to information you'll find in various threads themselves (example), it's written clearly on our rules page here:


Exploiting and abusing game mechanics is always punished if caught. As you admit to the action, you now face the consequence.


Appeal denied.

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