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KOS! Green Mountain

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Server and location: 

DayZRP server 1 - Green Mountain 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

6:19 GMT. DayZ - Night

Daytime or Night-time: 


Your in game name: 

Connor Reeds

Names of allies involved: 

Didn't get the names as it happened fast

Name/Skin of suspect/s: 

Couldn't see, it was dark

Suspects weapon/s: 


Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 


Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events:

I ran to Green Mountain to find social interaction, I ran into 3 friendly guys next to a camp fire and pumpkin patch. They were arguing with 3 people up in the tower, saying to come down and fight. I ran off at that point as I didn't want to get involved with the fight. I ran into the forest, and one guy from the tower came down, chased me and shot me with his shotgun, saying "I should have put my hands up"

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Kill Logs:

19:19:14 | Player "Connor Reeds"(id=) has been killed by player "Vasily Krasnav"(id=)


Hit Logs:

19:19:06 | "Vasily Krasnav(uid=) SHOT Connor Reeds(uid=) by ShotgunIzh43 into Chest."
19:19:07 | "Vasily Krasnav(uid=) SHOT Connor Reeds(uid=) by ShotgunIzh43 into leftarm."
19:19:14 | "Vasily Krasnav(uid=) SHOT Connor Reeds(uid=) by ShotgunIzh43 into head."

Calling Vasily Krasnav into the report to post his POV.

Please name any allies that acted with you during this time. Thank you.

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My PoV

Me,yoshi tanaka, and hirohito tanaka were at GM and we initiated on you and another man named Duggie. Hirohito initiated, Duggie ran out and I killed him. After killing him you tried to escape. I followed you 20 feet outside the mountain then shot you. You had seen the initiation and still decided to not comply. It didn't happen the way you say it did. You were at the pumpkin patch when the initiation happened, and you saw it happen and reacted.

Video will be uploaded soon.


So for the people who don't know. Connor is the man with the cowboy hat standing to my right AT THE PUMPKIN PATCH.

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@Tango - In the video you are clearly seen not complying to the demands given to you. The kill was legit. You were told to put your hands up and instead you tried to escape.

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@Tango, how would you like to proceed with the Report after Conor pointed out that you indeed where not complaint. Let us know.

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/OP from the video we see that you were not compliant and because of this the staff team feels the kill was well within the boundaries of the rules. However you were asked multiple times how you would like to proceed with this report upon which you never Replied. You were then given twenty four hours to respond and failed to do so, due to this your report will be closed due to your inactivity.

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