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Interview with Ellie


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The idea of interview a community member is to take yet another step forward towards bringing the

community together.

The idea is to create a thread where we will interview a random community member.

During this interview we will ask the community member some questions regarding the community and how their DayZRP experience has been.

This week we interviewed:


Thank you so much for participating!

Tell us something unique about yourself! -

Im a licensed Cosmetologist! Anything hair, nail, wax, makeup related i can do it.

Also i was raised in Puerto Rico until i was 16, and then moved to the States shortly after.

- How has your DayZRP experience been? -

So far its been great.. Its had its ups and downs but overall ive had a good experience. Ive met so many people, made a lot of friends that i care deeply for.

- Have you made any friends during your time in this community? -

Yes! First people i made friends with was Roach & Destinwolf. Im so glad i got exposed to that kind of RP first, then anything else. It really showed me how people can indulge themselves into their characters and how realistic it can be.

Also before i forget: everyone from The Faith, Alcyone, Darion, Jay Wong, Coreena, Sunshine. I know im forgetting a lot of people. I love you all !

- Is there something that you would like to see added to our community? -

Community Member Meetings i think would be a great implementation. It can help staff/community member relationship become even close and therefor better mutual understanding.

And also more lore based events (which i know theyll come soon). That will also help out branch out the story line when Army3 DayZRP Exiled comes out.

- What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences? -

One moment that does stand out for me is a day i met the Chedaki in Kabanino.. Chedaki, Matt Brown, Jay Wong, Piano Man and I all went to a pub near North West Air Field. I was the bartender for the night.. piano man was playing piano in the back, while i was taking shots with 3 Chedaki members. All started to hit on me but Conor helped lure them away from me. And then of course since he night cant end without a massive gun fight.. Chedaki initiate on Jay Wong and killed him. 10/10

- Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to with DayZSA? -

Base building, the Tisy military base, beards and most importantly... HELICOPTERS.

- What do you feel is the best thing about DayZRP and our community? -

The way its always changing and adapting to new things. There's no shortive of ideas, there's always multiple people with diverse ideas in the community. Also i think the time and effort put into the community by staff and members alike is what keeps it afloat.

- Do you have any tips or hints for newcomers? -

Use all the tools that dayzrp provides. Read the rules again and again, read the F.A.Q, read the newbie guide and also dont be afraid to ask questions. Thats what staff is here for. Also my opinion, dont join a group right off the bat. RP by yourself as a regular survivor, get a feel of how the RP is, the people and get accustomed to it.

- Is there anything you would like to see more of within the community? -

id like to see more staff and community interaction

Interested in doing our interview?

Well you could be the potential next one!

We randomly pick people.

Keep a close eye on that PM box!

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Thanks for the interview Ellie it was a pleasure.

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Nice interview Ellie. I'll come to you if I ever need a haircut.

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  • Sapphire

I laughed hard. Good times, eh?


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Nice interview Ellie :)

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  • Emerald

Another good read. I love these interviews.

Keep them comming! Also thanks Ellie!

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Thank you Ellie for the Interview!

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  • Sapphire

You wound me. Nice interview nonetheless.

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  • Sapphire

Great interview Ellie! Shame you didn't mention me as your best friend of all time and your stoner buddy.

u wound me

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Awesome interview Ellie :) I was more than happy to have played with you alongside Destinwolf and the others. You are a great roleplayer and never doubt that, ever! I am even more proud to see you becoming a huge part of this community today and even staff.

Great job on being an awesome person Ellie!

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  • Sapphire

Very nice interview Ellie ;)  Fun to read.

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I like these interviews, I find them very entertaining to read and learn about other people.

Since i'm new I haven't really met anyone yet, but I have spoke with Ellie once to get some help with the whitelist and she seems like a really nice person.

Keep these interviews going, I want to read more.

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  • Sapphire

Great interview Ellie!

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