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Avoiding RP / NVFL S1


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Server and location: NWAF - Debug(West side of the map).

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server Time: Between 17:00-18:00.

Daytime or Night-time: Day time

Your in game name: Colin O'Shea

Names of allies involved: Saoirse.

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Marc Rail, The Vestige.

Suspects weapon/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Will upload if we have.

Detailed description of the events: We were at NWAF roleplaying with  3 people, we had a bit of a friendly fight with them, just talking etc. We then see 3 people on the other side of the air field, and we proceed to run after them. Ramen were right behind them all the way from NWAF all the way up to debug on the western side of the map, it's pretty hard to say exact location, but around coordinates 000 060. Ramen then followed them down to Myskhino(he might have lost them after debug). The point still stands, he was within voice range, and kept on yelling out to them. His attempts to communicate with them was ignored.

NVFL & Avoiding RP:Me and Thejuggernut, skeetsi and Clapton see one of them just south of that road at 000 060, Sasha and me are within voice range, so Sasha initiates on him, but he keeps on running. We give him the benefit of a doubt that he did not heard it, so we keep following him. We then intercept him, Clapton initiates on him, with me Sasha and Skeetsi at the most 25 meters away, and he does not comply. He should have known that we were after him, since we were following him for over 1 KM. He starts shooting at clapton and gets promptly gunned down.

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  • MVP

Kill Logs:

17:00:09 | "Marc Rail(uid=) DIED Blood <= 0"

Hit Logs:

17:00:08 | "Fionn McDermott(uid=) SHOT Marc Rail(uid=) by M4A1_Black into LeftArm."
17:00:09 | "Player Marc Rail(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."

Calling Marc Rail into the report to post his POV.

Also, please provide the names of your allies as well. Thank you.

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  • Emerald

I seen 9 guys on the airfield, my friends start to get chased I run. I then split from them and notice 1 guy following me. I keep on running then he initiations on me, I keep running knowing he is behind me and that he will not be able to get a shot due to his sway. Then I shit myself as which I thought was the same guy ended up shouting hands up, me thinking it was the same guy I thought there was only 1 and I turned and tried to kill him.

Its not avoiding RP I was hauling ass away from getting taken hostage.

I ran over 3 km only seen 1 guy following me

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  • MVP

I seen 9 guys on the airfield, my friends start to get chased I run. 

Please provide the names of your allies. Thank you, Reece.

Names have been provided via TeamSpeak.

17:24:21 | Player "Jason Randle"(id=) has been disconnected
17:24:49 | Player "Kenway Lee"(id=) has been disconnected
17:24:46 | Player "Richard Wilks"(id=) has been disconnected

Calling Richard WilksKenway Lee, and Jason Randle into the report to post their POV.

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  • Sapphire

Alright, So basically Myself, Reece, Heliix and Kenny are taking a trip to the NW Airfield where we notice a guy on the opposite side around 300-400m away, we then notice about 9-10 others appear and start sprinting towards us Reece splits off from the group which leaves Me, Heliix and Kenny, We continue to run to the trees behind the warehouses to get to the break in the wall and make for the treeline, This entire time we have one guy about 100m behind us who follows us for about 5-6KM where we eventually lose him near Myshinko tents meanwhile Reece has had one guy on him aswell. Reece tells us that he has been initiated on but has not complied and then he says he is dead as their was more than the one he knew about. The entire time my party of three were running away not a single word was spoken by the person persuing us.

TL;DR. We ran from them one followed Reece one followed me we got away Reece didn't,

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  • Titanium

Was there any roleplay between the accused and the OP's side while they were being chased?

If either side has video, please provide it as soon as possible.

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  • Sapphire

Was there any roleplay between the accused and the OP's side while they were being chased?

If either side has video, please provide it as soon as possible.

I personally don't have evidence I don't think any of my guys do either.

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Kenway Lee POV:

me, Marc, Randle and Richard was running from Vybor to NWAF, at NWAF we saw a group of 9-10 people heavily armed. so we ran, we split into 2 groups, me, richard and Jason ran ahead towards myskino tents and Reece not far behind. we noticed that some guy was chasing us when we reached the treeline south of the airfield towards lopitino. our conclusion was that it was the Irish. a group of 9-10 guys, was pretty damn scary and kind of obvious it was the Irish. seeing how most groups don't travel in a pack larger than 5 members most of the time. there is In game tension between the Irish and the Vestige, I've been killed by them on the same character at least 4 times by now, and had confrontations with them, so in game I had some tension with them.

during our run, on the field in lopitino, I began to lag behind(390ping FTW), until I was about less than 30-50m from the guy who is chasing us. at this point, he could have easily told us to stop or initiated on me but instead he stayed silent and chased us.

when we ran pass a herd of cows, Reece told us he was being followed by 9-10 guys, same guys from the airfield, then he was initiated on, someone appeared next to him and killed him for non compliance. at this point, we were in the tents. ran to zeleno and hid.

we had in character reason to suspect it was the Irish, and in every single one of my encounters with the Irish I always ended up dead in a firefight, when we see a group of 9-10 guys in the airfield running around with weaponry, we had reasons to suspect it was the Irish because the only other group in game that runs around in a group as big as that is the brotherhood, wolves and Zbor, all which either wears uniform or wouldn't chase us for 6-8km. plus we were on friendly terms with all of them, I don't have video evidence due to the fact we were running and I didn't have time to set up my recording software.

(I will not partake in any back and forth, I'll only answer questions staff ask to avoid any kind of drama)

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After I have read the povs, I request this report to be closed.

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