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Official Ash VS Evil Dead Thread [SPOILERS INSIDE]

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Let's talk about the show here now that it's out! SPOILERS BELOW!


I'm a huge Evil Dead fan and to my surprise, I found out that they made an actual TV series based off of it. To top it off, it's the same actor from the original movies (Bruce Campbell). Episode 1 was already released and was a huge hit regardless of being on a channel I ain't ever heard about (Starz). Pretty sure this will go far!

Mobile link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unnLg1TPCYM


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omfg that trailer... Must see this.

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Old news! 


On the more serious note - I love this actor!

Ah must have missed it, well regardless I meant to make this an official thread to talk about the show now that it's live :D

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can i watch this on netflix or something?

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First episode was good.

Only thing I hated was the CGI shit.

C'mon people, go back to the roots.

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