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NLR Ban appeal


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Link to source of punishment: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Possible-NLR--74875

Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that the verdict is unfair because I did wait 1 hour to go back and when I got there, I did not speak to anyone because I remembered it had only been a hour I left to pogorevka where I got followed there and had to RP.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Well I spawned on the coast, ran down the coast and up through zelenogorsk to GM, and It felt like it took forever like dayz usually does when running. I get to GM and I look at my phone and see it had only been a hour so I immediately leave, and when I do leave I get followed down to pogorevka. Which is 1000 Meters away, and I am forced to RP.

What would you like to Achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my ban lifted and ban strikes removed.

What could you have done better?: Well I feel that I should have kept better track of time and not even went near GM, I do believe I did what I should've and just left and not spoken to anyone. I have learned my lesson from this and will check the time thoroughly throughout my journey next time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Hi baker,

While we are glad you acknowledged your mistake, this does not excuse that you broke New Life Rule (NLR).

You have brought no new evidence to this ban appeal that we did not already learn in the report.

You say that when you realized it had only been one hour since you died you proceeded to leave. That does not excuse the fact that you returned to the exact area well before the minimum of 90 minutes. There are many places on the map other than Green Mountain you could have, and should have, visited during that time frame. NLR is also more than just returning to the same area within the time specified, it's also returning to the same situation. With the same group still at the mountain, you can imagine that the roleplay from their side would be a bit awkward.

In the future, we strongly advise you consider going to another area of the map until you are absolutely certain that the time limit is up. Even then, be cautious on even returning within the one kilometer radius after the time specified as you may bump into the same people who may have previously killed you, much like this situation. There's more to DayZRP than just going to Green Mountain.


Appeal denied.

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