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Farmer Looking For Good Land [Open Broadcast]

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*Radio cuts in and a loud annoying tapping sound can be heard in the background*

Have you got fertile ground that needs tending? Well... if you do, I am the perfect man to work that land. I, Faustus Jones, am the greatest farmer to ever live... that's what people say anyway. Like Mrs Dubrovnik here.

*The radio makes a noise as if it being shaken and a new voice appears, though it seems to be the same man putting on a high pitched Russian accent*

Oh yes, Mr Jones is the best farmer that I have ever seen. His pumpkins are delicious, it's like they've been sent by god himself to satisfy the taste buds of his subjects.

*The same noise can be heard as the man's voice changes back*

See, Mrs Barinova is just one of my many customers that see the quality of my work. So, if you know of good farmin' land that can be worked, please contact me and we can work out a deal. Cheerio.

*A cheer can be heard before the radio cuts out after 10 minutes, the same broadcast is repeated again in a cycle*

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*Jan picks up radio*

Hi, We could use a good farmer..

Me and my friend Robert live in this little summer camp near this so called ''Devils castle''

Here you have the coördinates: 081 043

Hope to see you around...

*signal fades away*

*Jan puts his radio away*

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*Taking up his radio, twisting the dial.*

"Good day, there is a great deal of workable land in this little sandbox of ours and although personally I do not require your services I would like to spur you on."

"We need more people like you, not so killy and more planty.

*Twisting the dial on his handheld, leaving only white noise in it's wake.*

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  • Emerald

*Regis hears the radio transmission and chuckles hearing the farmer ranting on about his 'legendary' pumpkins, he mutters a few unrecognisable words and proceeds to press the transmission button*

Ah..yeah Mr.Jones here is Le- *chuckles* legendary at farming pumpkins, trust me I've experienced them first-hand somebody should give this poor soul some land, he'll treat you right.

*Regis leaves the transmission button on by accident and can be heard laughing and seems to talking about burials* 

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