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Whitelist rejection


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Dear staff members.

Again my whitelist application had been rejected.

This time for not fitting my character backstory with the lore..


That's the reason for rejection?

After playing on this server for months without any trouble.

I would appreciate if you would look into this again because i always have been a loyal member of this community and donated a lot in my eyes.

Even played plenty of hours on rolle's minecraft server.

Thank you.

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  • Sapphire



If you read this thoroughly you will figure it out.

Your character must fit within the lore.

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  • Sapphire

If your characters backstory does not fit the current lore, then I suggest you take a read of the lore page and give it another go. Try and keep it simple, but make sure its believable.  Remember, if you need any help with your backstory, you can always come into teamspeak and speak to us. We're always happy to give you some advice.

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  • Emerald

Since you lost your whitelist status, the grace period for that ended september 13rd. You have to re-whitelist like everybody else.

Donations have nothing to to with whitelisting, it gives you access to other things, for instance your account does not get pruned or your waiting time for failing to whitelist gets halved.

As I'm more then confident the admin decision is justified, I'm going to give you this answer; your backstory did not fit the lore. If your backstory fits then you will be whitelisted once more.

If you have any questions, feel free to join our waiting for staff help channel on TS.


/Edit Wendsill: Being the sole survivor from the plane crash into Chernogorsk Hotel is not a acceptable backstory, we can fill 50 planes by now with the amount of times this was used as a backstory.

If you need help thinking of an acceptable back story, join our TS. We will help you finding one.

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  • Emerald

If you have any constructive criticism for the whitelist system, feel free to post something in the suggestions section.

Like Chow said, you simply must make sure your character's backstory is not contradictory to the lore. It is not difficult to avoid colliding with the few fundamentals in the lore if you've thoroughly read through it. This is merely to prevent inconsistencies in peoples' stories.

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  • Sapphire

Okay i accept the fact my story is not good this time.

Then please send my old background story which got me whitelisted in february this year. I will use that one again :)

It would have been erased when the whitelist wipe happened.

Get creative, it won't take you long.  There are many reasons for someone to be there, just try to avoid cliche "I was part of this that crashed there" or "I am a military such and such from here"

Happy writing if you have further questions feel free to pop into TS.

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