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Whitelist unban

Guest thEchicagoBoy

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Guest thEchicagoBoy

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Actually, the verdict is fair. I failed the whitelist test five times, and it's completely reasonable that a guy like me should be banned. Although, I'm appealing the verdict to have a second chance.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I'll be honest. The first time I gave the test, I did not read the rules. I just thought that, blah, I'll give the answers fast, get accepted etc. After I got denied, and waited for 6 hours, I realized that this community is not a joke. It obviously isn't. It made me realize that I should read the rules, and if I want to become a member of this community, I should indeed become a good one. The second test, the third test, the fourth and the fifth, I failed because of 3-4 wrong answers. I believe I failed the fifth because of one wrong answer, and the fourth because of two.

I'm a human, I make mistakes. I got confused a couple of times, and answered some questions wrong. Although, in my last(fifth test), I gave every answer correct instead of just one. And I might have answered that question wrong because I confused it with MY opinion.

The question I answered wrong was: You get robbed in Gorka, while your friend is in Berezino. After 3 hours, you see the robber again with your friend. What are you allowed to do?

Now, the option I choosed was: No, my revenge time has passed.

Why did I choose this option?: I chose this option, because obviously my 2 hour revenge timer has passed. I did not choose the option: I have to re-initiate contact with clear and ambiguous demands, because I don't want to re-initiate with the robber.

I obviously have a choice, either to re-initiate with my robber, or just let him go. Obviously, while playing DayZ, I might re-initiate with the robber, as I need my stuff back, have revenge, etc. But sometimes I might just let it go. And that's how I answered my question. No, my revenge timer has passed, I don't want to re-initiate.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

A second chance to get whitelisted for this community.

What could you have done better?:

Not mix the answer of the question with my opinion, and pay more attention.

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We have looked over all of your five attempts to get whitelisted.

You have answered many basic questions about our rules wrong. The most of the time you answered ingame rule questions wrong. These ingame-rule questions show us, if someone can apply the rules to IC scenarios. The answers you gave clearly showed your lack of understanding.

With the whitelist process we try to make sure that only those who understand the rules can play on our servers, to prevent damage for everyone who does play by the rules.

After you have realised that we are indeed a serious roleplay server, you started to read the rules, but you did not understand them.

You might find this strict, but we have these rules in place to keep and maintain a high standard of roleplay, in our community - on the Forums and in the Servers.

Based on the questions you have answered wrong, we are not giving you a sixth chance.

Appeal denied. Account banned

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