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96.3 FM [Open Broadcast]

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*After hearing many strange garbled messes over the past few days from various frequency's, Bryce is starting to lose his patience*

*not knowing , or caring if anyone can hear him he reply's* 

"These garbled messes are interfering with my ability to monitor chatter to hear any damn piece of useful information, I mean who has time to make these nowadays, just sound completely indubitable... unless there's a riddle to all these, which in that case, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!

*frustrated he sits down and flips a couple frequency's, not hearing much or anything at all.. when he turns to 78.7 he hears another garbled mess playing through the radio*


*He tosses his radio into a bush in frustration before realizing that was his only radio, he swiftly goes to the bus and begins to riffle through it. Not finding his radio he stares at the sky and mumbles a curse for his life being so miserable*

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