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*Eli Lets out a long tired breath and fiddles with his radio*

*radio crackles on*

----bzzzzzttttttttttt----- thi -CRRRRR- Snirmov -bzzzzzzztttttt-

"I repeat This is Eli Snirmov..."

"The frequency I am using is 156.14, I am looking for survivors of the infection, I am alone, I am cold and I am hungry"

*A soft Sob can be heard*

"My.... My family is dead, if anyone can hear this, if ANYONE is out there, Please respond"

*The voice becomes quiet*


*radio crackles to silence*

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  • Sapphire

-A Strange Voice erupts from the radio, obviously extremely salty.-

"Boooooooooy...Who the fuck is this?"

"I don't give a fuck about your dead family, you shoulda died with 'em!"

"Also, i'm lookin' fer a little lady, travelin with a guy named Wiz Khalifa, maybe you seen'er, her name's Valya."

"We were supposed to have a date but she skipped out last minute, can you believe that boy?"

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  • Emerald

*Logan sits in his house, yawns from just getting up and flips on his radio. When he hears the distress call, then the response from Sammy, he hesitates for as second. Then he shrugs before pressing down on the talk button.*

"Hey, Eli, you just got to stay calm. Everything is going to be alright, but you need to stay calm. Can you give me any descriptions of your location... Hello? You still there Eli?"

*Logan release the talk button and sits there, waiting for a response.*

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*looks up from his can of Tactical Bacon and reaches over to his handset*

"Hey Miss Snirmov, people can hear you"

"If you can make your way to Dolina I know a group of friendly survivors is around those parts"

"Stay safe and God speed"

*sighs and carefully places the handset back down, with a grimace he continues eating his cold bacon*

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*Eli Hears replies coming from his radio and fumbles around to try to talk, he ends up dropping his radio, after picking it up he slowly pushes down the button*

*Radio Crackles on*

"Who are you calling miss? I know that I'm scared and all, but I don't sound like a woman do I?"

*Eli lets out a nervous chuckle*

"I'm trying to stay calm... the best description I can give is an airfield inland from the coast.. I've been finding some equipment here but I am running out of food"

"If you have a group and are willing to let me in, I am not afraid to pull my weight, I promise I won't be a burden"

*Eli, Wondering if he was just hearing things let's out a sigh, and clicks off his radio*

*The transmission goes silent*

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*Andy picks up his radio, while in a strange mood*

"I heard Green Mountain is a lovely place to go, to meet great people!"

*He giggles to himself and then puts down his radio*

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*Frowns and picks up his handset*

"Ah, Mister Snirmov it is. I'll blame it on this piece of shit radi-"

*At this point the radio lets out a squawk of static and turns itself off, the battery flat. Sam sighs and leans back in his chair*

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