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Not whitlisted?

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So I've been idle for a while. My computer crapped the bed and needed to fix it, i got it fixed and tried to go on the servers. its telling me im not whitlisted but i was, ive played on the server many times anyone know why this is? i really would like it if i didnt have to re apply giving the fact i spent so much time trying to get into the rp when i first applied.

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A little while back there was a new whitelist system that was introduced. It sounds like you haven't been active since then and your whitelist was revoked as you didn't follow the steps to stay whitelisted in time. You will have to go through the whole process again if that is the case.

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We implemented a new whitelist system on the 13th of September. Previously whitelisted members were given a month's notice to do the steam integration part of the new whitelist system to keep their previous whitelist attempt valid.

However, those who did not complete the steam integration had their whitelist deleted after the month-long grace period.

Unfortunately, because you fall under this category, you will have to re-whitelist.

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Kattica answered your question well.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 


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