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To The True Believers (Limited Frequency)


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  • Sapphire

*Wong lays rest in the house ruins. He picks up his radio and places it next to his mouth.*

Mr True Believers. You know as Mr.Wong of the Pestilence Brotherhood. 

I heard you have been baptising people and what not in the name of God.

Now. Listen hear and listen carefully for I will not repeat myself. 

You will stop with this praising God and baptising people at once 

You will follow a new path. The Path of the Devil and 

YOU WILL preach the word off the AntiChrist.

If you wish to follow God then you will fail like God failed everyone 

There is no Angles walking this Earth only Demons. 

Laudate antichristus 


Vivat pestilentia Brotherhood

*Wong releases the button on his radio and smiles*

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Artyom was known for being the strange one, easily messed with or manipulated into what people wanted due to his condition.

As he listened, and as he heard of the baptising.. He frowned and grunted. He'd avoided taking his pills and this would often lead to alot of talk about

the devil from him.. He wasn't even there for the baptisims... Did his own people not trust him? He pondered many things

"Yes... Mr Wong.. Unlike most.. I believe the devil is much more than a pathetic God.. Hm.. I will attempt to comfront my brothers and sisters

about this most displeasing news.. Good day Mr wong"

Artyom twitched a little, flicking the radio off and walking through the fields of Chernarus

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*Piper starts to read from the Bible and smiles form all the words that are going into this one little radio, "People trying to tell me what to do" Piper says this to herself with a smiles on her face. She gets the holy water out from from her backpack and puts on to the radio then puts some on her head Piper clicks on the radio and starts to talk down it*

Mr.Wong we have tried and tried and tried to make you smile but there is something in you that holds that feeling back you say that you pray to the devil, What does this devil say to you? You don't listen well do you, When i meet you in vybor i told you somethings about my community but you dont fucking listen sorry for my language, so let me tell you now, Open up your ears and listen something that you cant do, Life is hard for everyone and it was hard for me i lived in a small community back where i lived and some where there believed in good but not something evil, And i said there has to be something evil also am i right? Are bodys are like something you need to keep straight if you fall  then you need to put something back in you to stand up tall, Well that's how i see it. There is evil in people and good in people and my religion helps people control both of them if you become to good then you can get hurt if you become to evil then people wont like you and your head will be on a wall somewhere with blood dripping from it. My people are balanced and it seems like you are falling i baptise people for the good to make them become balanced i do it in the name of god and the devil so they become balanced. Your head is saying something to you like god is all evil and he left us then ask your self this Mr.Wong how do you know that one day the devil will do the same........ 

*Piper puts down the radio and starts to read from the bible also waiting for someone to talk back*  

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  • Emerald

*Benny hears the last few transmissions with a slight frown on his face*

"Haha what the fuck are you even talking about? Laudate antichristus et Vivat Pestilentia Brotherhood"

*Benny then shuts off his radio, contemplating the meaning of the Latin words he just said, still confused*

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  • Emerald

Nik hears believers being addressed, he listens word for word listening to the mans detail.

*Nik reaches for his radio and presses the transmit button*

"Ya know, the devil isn't no one to fuck with.. If you put your belief into him you better know what your getting into. Belief should go into one thing and it isn't that I've learned. We have enough demons, why don't you let the angels fly, yea?"

*Nik pauses and cringes*

"I made the same mistake"

*releasing the transmit switch he tosses his radio in his bag and continues moving*

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*Joe clicks on his dusty radio*

Hmm looks like we agree on at least 1 thing Wong. But sadly everything else that comes out of that infested mouth of yours is "Wong." 

*Laughs Hysterically*

Did you Get it? or did it go over your head?

*Screams heard in the background*

Well i got to go something is "Wong" 

*Cry's from laughter as he clicks off the radio*

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  • Sapphire

*Wong Picks Up His Radio After Waiting Enough Time*

Times Up

*He Releases The Button On His Radio And Smiles*

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