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This Is It Folks!

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As he looks at his Ak he thinks to himself yup its time. After pulling the old beaten up radio out of his weathered backpack he kneels down to the ground and pushes the transmit button on all frequencies.

 "This is a perfect day, the sun is shining the birds are chirping everything is so perfect don't you think so Skyler,Ryan? "

You hear Skyler and Ryan in the background " Yes, it is beautiful out here today "

Anthony pulls out his AK and sets the Butt of the weapon on the ground and the barrel of it under his chin.

You hear Skyler Saying "ANTHONY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? "

"Thank you Skyler for showing me a wonderful day and being here for this "

Anthony pulls the trigger as Skyler is only 2 feet away from him splattering his brains and blood all over Skyler.

*Transmission Ends*

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*I dust off my old radio*

Jasper! Where the Hell are you!? Answer, damn it!

*I wait*

Ugh... Ever since that useless oaf Anthony X'd himself, you've been doing nothing for the group! JASPER!

*Breaks radio in anger*

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Jasper Quickly looks through his bag for his radio Finds it and pushes the transmit button.

"He...Hello, is any..o..one there" 

 You hear Jasper crying faintly as he lets go of the transmit button.

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*Bryce hears the sad radio chatter, he replys*

"Well I find out Kindred survived after all this time and then he goes and fuckin offs himself... SHIT!"

*He stops transmitting and slumps against a tree staring at the sky wondering if his time is soon to come*

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*Ivan rubs the lump on his head tenderly, silently cursing whatever caused it. All he remembered was waking up with a revolver in his hand, one bullet missing from the cylinder. Confused and dazed, he picked up his radio and listened for a while.

As he listened to the latest transmission, his eye widened in shock, his mouth opening slightly. After a moment of silence he begins to speak.*

"Kindred.... damnit...."

*Ivan sighs softly, slumping his head back against the tree gently and closes his eye.*

"Wherever you are now, I'm sure it's better than this hellhole. Rest in peace pal."

*Ivan clicks of the radio and takes a moment to ponder.*

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