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Ban Appeal BadRP

Guest DanFromLTU

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Guest DanFromLTU

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):



Why the verdict is not fair:

This verdict is unfair.Firstly, the hit log that was posted by Spartan is incorrect and wrong because I had CR75(the pistol) and not the CZ75.Secondly, for some reason I can't hear what other players are saying and their mouth is not moving and I can communicate with direct chat because I can't see what others are typing.This happens just on DayzRP servers.I figured out that I have this issue after these incidents.Thirdly, I shot at those men truck just because one of them that had mp5-k aimed at me(I was aiming and I hit just the tires or near the truck tires).Forthly, I was thinking that they are not talking because on my screen their mouth was not moving.Fivethly, I ran from David Lynch and Simon Morrow because they had guns in their hands.When I stopped at a pack of trees they started to surround me so I ran near the town.When I was about to reach the wall one of them started to aim at me so I turned around and shot few rounds at them and then I ran away because one of them hit me.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Remove the Ban and ban strikes.

What could you have done better?:

Somehow fixed this issue with communicating.

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  • Legend

Clarification: You have not received a banstrike. You were temporarily banned because you did not respond to the Reports. Sureley we will have further questions.

In order to get unbanned, we would like an answer to the follwing questions:

Do you have a video of this situation?

Why did you log out 4 minutes after the hostile event?

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Guest DanFromLTU

No, I don't have a video of this situation.

I believe I logged out about 13-15 minutes ago.But if I logged out earlier that means I have to fix my watch at home.I know the rule that you have to wait 15 minutes and just then you can log out so I was thinking that the time passed.

P.S. Fixed my watch.This won't happen again.

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  • Sapphire

Hello, DanFromLTU

We have looked at your ban appeal and have come to the conclusion that your temp ban will be removed, however the logs do not lie as you logged out around 4-5 minutes after being shot by an SKS in these reports here and here. This is considered a combat log in our eyes and eyes of the rules. 

Our rules state explicitly


Whilst you bandaged 2 minutes prior, it is assumed that you broke line of sight, and that would leave 13 minutes before you would have reached the bare minimum time to log out.

With that stated plainly, we would request that you re-read the rules and understand them to a more complete degree before continuing your journey in Chernarus.


Appeal Accepted: Temp Ban Removed

Anton Makarov - Combat Log - Guilty [3 Days + 10 Points]

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