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To Whomever Found My Gift {OPEN BROADCAST}

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Riviaira sat on the bed, the sleeping pills where taking affect on her. Her eyes slowly closing but she managed to leave a small message to whomever had taken the shotgun providing ammo. She grabbed her radio, saying one last thing as she slipped out of the clothing which finally took its toll on her shoulder, sighing in relief.

"To whomever took the shotgun off the road in Kabanino. I hope you read my note. I couldn't put as much to it as you will. Use it wisely and use it when necessary. There was plenty of ammunition that I doubt you'll need to use but I'm glad you took my gift. I'm actually intrigued to whom took it,  but if you're too shy or..."

She yawned half way through, needing to wrap up her transmission.

"If you don't want to, that is perfectly fine with me. Hell you can even name the thing if you want. I've had her for a good while now..."

She paused laughing slightly to herself before continuing in a calm breath.

"Goodnight, yours faithfully. Riviaira."

She managed to switch the radio off before passing out into a deep sleep which the drug comatised her in to a temporary sleep.

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