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Knife collectors Thread

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so any one other than me collect knives? personally I'm a huge fan of blades, guns or anything that can kill me. just cause... don't ask why!

here's a couple of my knives some of which I tried to take artistic shots of, but I'm no photographer

the clockwork:(Buck 50th anniversary, Spyderco hawkbill and knife, CRKT)


The bladworks(Aitor Bowie, CRKT, Buck 50th anniversary, Spyderco hawkbill and knife, smith and Wesson karambit, cold steel tanto)


The Coldsteel(Cold Steel Tanto, mini tanto and Spyderco knife)


K sign(Buck 50th anniversary, CRKT and Spyderco Hawkbill)


the Crescent(Smith and Wesson Karambit, Buck 50th anniversary, CRKT, cold steel mini tanto, Spyderco knife and one black knife I can't remember. and of course my field sharpener)


Aitor Bowie knife




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I have a Stattrak Karambit Crimson Web (8 Webs) FN I keep on my shrine.

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Those are some stellar photos, Kenny. Especially liked the second one. I don't collect knives, but I did buy these weird ones in East Africa. 

At first when I picked them up, I had no idea what they were:


But then:


They're super dull and have a bit of rust on them, but I feel like I could poke someone enough to give them tetanus if it came to it, so there's that!

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Well i'm not a collector cuz knifes are tools for me (but i enjoy them) but i have few of them. Will post pics when i get back from work.

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