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Confessions of a Sinner [WIP]

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Journal Entry #1

My name is Vasili Akulov. I have done a lot of things in my life that I regret. I regret never telling my friends about the existence of my sister, and now she is missing. She was always such a nice little girl, she only wanted to help people. While I joined the army she wanted to become a nurse to help the people in need. I killed people and she saved them, Nikita how I miss you. I hope that you found some nice friends that can help you survive trough this bullshit of a world. I just hope that you always remember to never tell anyone that you are my sister, people will kill you if they know that your brother is with the CDF.

I wish I never meet that fucking coward Luka Kratochvil, Fuck the CDF and fuck everything. I’m sick of all these fucking politics. 

Journal Entry #2

It's a fresh day filled with pain and agony. Yesterday i met finnr again after a long time, It was pretty interesting to meet him again. Seems like he wanted to get me into his "family" so he carved my arm up, not that i really understand what happens in his brain anymore. But atleast they seem like a friendly bunch. Such a fucking shame. I have yet to see if they know what it takes to survive. I guess i have to keep moving before they catch on to me.

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  • Sapphire

Nice to see you starting to write about your character :D I'm wondering how you can save someone after they're dead though... Keep it coming!

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  • Emerald

OO! This is very interesting!

It's quite cool how our pre-CDF characters are all around again.

Believe me, the RP that will happen between me you and the immortals will be very interesting.

I look forward too it.

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