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This is not your grave.....

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**Mr. Million was sitting in his bunker once more. He was spinning around in his swivel chair, staring at the ceiling. He recently just come across Mr. 7, and 72 again for seemed like a long time. Now he was once more inside his bunker. "Nothing to do these days..." he mutters, while picking up the mug of coffee. Sipping on it, he decides to turn on the radio to see what might be happening. Going through the frequencies for some hours, he perks up as he hears a rogue transmission on a frequency that only the Network would know.

"72 Lima 147 078 72 Lima 147 078", came the message over the frequency. Mr. Million knew that voice well, but decided to listen anyways. Writing down the coordinates, he calmly turned off the radio and swiveled in his seat to the wall behind him. "So..... Mr. Church is over there huh? Wonder what....." he mutters to himself again, continuing to sip on the coffee as he stared at the map on the wall. Sighing in boredom, he shrugs with a what the hell motion and gets up. Moving over to the weapons and supply cabinet, he pulls on his backpack, weapons, knife, compass, map, and just about anything else for a trip. Finally putting on the gas mask with the voice changer installed, he moved to the ladder. Moving up said ladder, he reaches the top, slowly, and quietly lifts the lid to the bunker. Peering out, he looks about to make sure no one is here, he gets out, and closes the hatch behind him. Making sure that it was locked and sealed tight, he moved out to the location.

Several hours later......

Mr. Million stared out at the fields of Dubrovka before him with his binoculars, overlooking the area for anything out of the ordinary. "Though... of course, what is ordinary these days?" mutters Mr. Million to himself as he continues to look. He starts to grow impatient, wondering where 72 might be. Though, of course, Mr. 7 did say Lima, which usually means something bad. "Maybe he is dead?" muttered Million to himself again, until he saw a little smudge in the fields. Zooming in on it, he sees that it is a body. Sighing disappointedly, he checks the area once more, before moving in. Walking out into the middle of field, Million looks down upon the body of Leonard Church.

"What a waste....." he mutters, as he lightly nudges the body, and receives a rather agonized groan in return. Mr. Million's eyebrow rose at this, thinking that the man should be well dead considering that there was a obviously .308 sized round in the man's sternum, and a same sized graze wound on the forehead. Leaning down, he moves Church over onto his side, seeing the man had trouble breathing. Looking him over, seeing if he was indeed still useful, he nods in approval at the man's somewhat dire condition.

"Well, at least he won't die here soon, though this could be his grave." he mutters again, patching up what wounds he could do here. Moving him over into a house out of the field, he places him on the floor carefully as he goes and searches a shed. Finding a wheelbarrow, he puts the man inside, and carts him off back to the bunker.

Several more hours later....

Mr. Million with half dead Leonard Church in a wheelbarrow in tow finally arrived back at his bunker. Pulling the man out, and dragging him over to the hatch, Mr. Million uses the digital 100 sequence combination lock on the hatch. Opening the door, and carrying him down the ladder, after shutting hatch and ridding of the wheelbarrow, did he arrived back home. Walking over to one of the doors, he shoves it open and turning on the lights to show a operation room. Laying the man on the table, he walks back out, into the main room, placing everything back in the weapons and supplies cabinet. Going back into the operation room, he removes most of the clothing except for Mr. Church's modesty. Seeing that the bullet was still inside, he grimaces and sets to work. After a few hours of pained moans from said man, Mr. Million stepped back and admired his medical work.

Going back into the main room, he gets some herbal tea ready. He stops suddenly at the doorway to the operation room when he hears a deep, guttural, beastly growl. "I..... know..... now." Comes from the half dead man, and Mr. Million turns his head slightly back to see if he was conscious. Seeing the man try to get up, Mr. Million shakes his head in disappointment when he sees him fall back to the bed in blissful unconsciousness. Continuing his original intentions, he went on to make tea.

Several days later.....

Mr. Million was calmly sipping on some coffee once more, after checking up on his charge once again on the hour. The man seemed to be stable for now, and his condition was improving. Mr. Million sighed somewhat sadly, as the man would not really be the same after this. His lung had been clipped rather harshly by the bullet, so he would need a special kind of filter for his lungs now. As long as he had that though, his combat and other capabilities wouldn't be hampered terribly. Turning a page on the book called "Confessions of a Justified Sinner.", he continues to ponder the future from this point. Hearing a grunt of exertion and pain, Mr. Million looks up calmly to see Church stumble out of the operation room, and lean against the doorway.

Church looks up to Mr. Million and meets his eyes, not behind a mask and glasses, but his true eyes. Church's eyes widen, and his heartbeat increases as he realizes just where he is and who exactly he is looking at. "It been you all this time... hasn't it?"

Mr. Million calmly stares back at Church, before licking his thumb, folding the page he was looking over at the corner, closing the book, setting it down, and finally looking Mr. Church straight into the eyes.

"So....... what did you learn?"

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Can't wait to read the rest! :)

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