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Lucy Woods (Open Frequency)


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  • Legend

*Lewis takes up his radio and sighs. He mumbles to himself "this is getting hopeless" and holds down his transmit button*

Hello, to anybody who may have seen her I'm looking for a woman named Lucy Woods.

She is around 22, blonde hair and usually wears blue apparently.

She also has one of those funky clown masks.

If anybody knows anything of her whereabouts then please respond to this broadcast.

*He releases his transmit button and collects his things before walking away*

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  • Emerald

*Logan walks through Berezino, looking for some items that were taken from him the other day, when his radio starts going off. He hears the transmission of the search for the girl named Lucy, and although he has heard the search for her before. He pushes down on the talk button.*

"Uhhh... Hey, I'll keep my eyes out for her. Thanks for the update on what to look for. Clown mask... Alright, I'll contact you if I get anything."

*Logan lets go of the talk button and puts it back in his jacket pocket, before continuing down the road.*

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*Melvik holds his radio.*

"She's infront of me now, right below GM, she doesn't want to stick around, but she's looking for her sister. Respond asap, can give you her location in updates.. "

*Radio clicks off.*

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  • Legend

*Lewis takes up his radio immediately and holds down his transmit button*

I am at Green Mountain right now.

*He releases his transmit button*

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  • MVP

*Conner picks up his radio after hearing the transmission about the girl*

I ran into some folks also looking for this girl, they said she abandoned her little sister. They were teaching the little sister how to shoot a pistol when the lads and I ran into them. Why are people looking for this lady?

*Conner puts his radio down*

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  • Legend

*Lewis takes up his radio and holds his transmit button*

Yes that was me that you ran into.

We were looking for Lucy Woods because her sister was.

Helping out somebody in need.

It had been 3 days since they'd seen each other which Lucy claimed was because she'd been held up by a group on her way here.

*He releases his transmit button*

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