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Group introductions and back story


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Hello, I'm new to this community, still going through the white list process. I have a question about the Character and backstory guidelines. I and a group of friends want to join in on the RP, I know that each of my group members will need to go through the registration and whitelist process, but in regards to the backstory, would it be acceptable to create a type of Squad Dossier or background which explains our group history and touches up lightly on the background of each member and allow each one of my friends to use for the whitelist process? Or does each member need to write their own unique character background.

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  • Sapphire


You can obviously role-play as a group but you all will need to have your own unique character background for your whitelist. You can't use the same one as each other. But if you want to all write in your character backstories how you met each other and use each other in your whitelist's that's not a problem as long as you do not copy of each others character backgrounds. I also recommend reading the current lore and making sure you fit it in with your characters. With that being said it includes some important dates of when the infection first started. Also the progress of the infection thus far. 

If you are thinking of starting an official group you may also want to read this thread were it shows the current requirements to create a group. Including how long you must be whitelisted to the server which is 3 months. 

I hope this helped.

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  • MVP

Before you put your group lore, you might wanna write a lore of your unique character. Then after you have done that, you can continue and introduce your friends or your group lore.

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  • Sapphire

The background that you use for your whitelist doesn't have to be the one you use within the game. You can create a new backstory that links up with your friends after you're whitelisted. Its always best to have your own unique backstory for things like the whitelist. Keep it simple, but interesting.

But if you decide to do something similar to your friend, just make sure they are both unique.

Do you feel as if your question has been answered?

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  • Sapphire

If you need anymore help, let us know.


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