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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-28 16:53

KOS at green Mountain Sever One


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Server and location: Sever One - Green Mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:24:16  

Daytime or Night-time: Daytime

Your in game name: Piper Heart

Names of allies involved: (Na)

Name/Skin of suspect/s:

Suspects weapon/s: AK 74 OR AKM

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): NA

Detailed description of the events: i was at green mountain and i gave a man bible. He gave it to someone els and put it in the fire i took it out of the fire and gave it back to the man

that i gave it to last to then the other man took the bible form him and put it once again in to the fire and took it out and then he pulled out his gun and shot me. There was no reason for that also it was my book at the start and he said that it was his. all so people around a green mountain can tell you that he killed me with no reason at all and there was no initiation at all involved Kos 

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  • Sapphire

You stole from me, I warned you not to steal from me, I got it back and tried to make my fire again, and you stole it again. That's when I blast you and take my property back.

If you commit a hostile action towards someone, and that person is kind enough to warn you not to commit that same hostile action again, and you choose to do so again. Do expect to get yourself shot.

Full POV:

Went to GM as shit was going on apparently. Frank was infinetely unconscious but at this time we try to tend to him until he can wake up.

I decide to make a fire so I make myself one of these bark things and I need some fuel for the fire, I get a book and throw it in, when that's done burning I ask for more to burn. I get one, she steals it, gets warned not to touch it, steals it again, gets warned not to steal from me and then steals it again. After multiple warnings, and her deciding to completely ignore them and stealing it again she gets shot.

At this point I search her body to see if I can grab them back, they're ruined. So instead of throw her gun on my back and we get out of there as we didn't want to get shot by any of her friends.

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i never stole form you, it was my book and i was getting it back you killed me rom stealing from you but it was mine from the start i have may given the book to the other man but when we dropped that book it was anyone's to pick up at like i said before it was still my book from the start it was on the floor and if you did warn me then i never picked it up because i never heard it.

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  • Sapphire

The book was given to me, thus my possession. You steal it once. I then clearly inform you to not steal from me again, put it back in and attempt to make my fire. You steal again and you are then treated as such. Sadly the book got ruined and I had to go search for something else to make my fire with afterwards. And wasn't tempted to stick around and get shot in the back by any friends you may have.

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  • Legend

Kill Logs:

21:24:50 | Player "Piper Heart" has been killed by player "Reimy Staryo"

Hit Logs:

21:24:50 | "Reimy Staryo SHOT Piper Heart by UMP45 into Chest."

21:24:50 | "Piper Heart" STATUS S::1500 B::3500 H::4400 HP::0."

Chat Logs:

21:26:05 | Chat("Reimy Staryo" *spits at the woman on the ground-*

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

21:02:46 | Player "Piper Heart" is connected

21:25:17 | Player "Piper Heart"has been disconnected

21:02:08 | Player "Reimy Staryo" is connected

21:58:48 | Player "Reimy Staryo" has been disconnected

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Oh i was there for that i was a bystander on the mountain and though i dont have video evidence i can give my word that , that was straight up murder cold blooded and absolutely unnecessary that could have been solved in a thousand different ways but he didnt hesitate to light Piper up i would also call it RDM

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  • Emerald

Oh i was there for that i was a bystander on the mountain and though i dont have video evidence i can give my word that , that was straight up murder cold blooded and absolutely unnecessary that could have been solved in a thousand different ways but he didnt hesitate to light Piper up i would also call it RDM

a-fuzz could you please provide a full and detailed description from your point of view.

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Full POV.

I made my way up to green mountain From Zelenogorsk and there were about 7 people in the compound that i could see. beside the tower stood the two people involved (not friends or enemies with either) i was watching somebody garden for a quick bit and then i heard them arguing it wasn't really a two side argument it was more of one person yelling at another, i look over and i hear him say "don't take that" and she does anyways he then sprays her down yells some gibberish then bolts out of the scene of the crime. Her friend comes up to the mountain asks who did it and then is on his way.

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  • Sapphire

Still awaiting a response to Slash's post. Does anyone involved have video evidence of the situation?

Sorry, forgot to launch geforce experience before playing.

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  • Sapphire


Reimy Staryo - KoS - Inconclusive/Word vs Word


In the given situation, we as a staff team have come to the conclusion that the result of this report is to come up as inconclusive. Both parties have differing PoV's and lack video evidence to prove either or. Rather than risk banning and jumping to conclusions without proper facts, we have decided that the result of this report is to be a Word vs Word instance and be closed.

As a note. Killing someone in RP should be an absolute LAST resort and not be something that is thrown about with ease. Just because you have KoS on someone doesn't mean that you have to use it. You should always try to RP out a situation, as to build a story, an arc, something that both parties can remember and tack onto their history with one another. 

Let this also be a reminder that recording can be the missing puzzle piece in a report that can result in an innocence or guiltiness in the outcome. We recommend that the most amount of evidence accompanies these PoV's as these are just one of the many things that are taken into account in the report solving process.

With the above stated the following applies:


Reimy Staryo - KoS - Inconclusive/Word vs. Word [No Action Taken]

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